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  1. Why are so many people on the stage?
  2. I find it hilarious that Blackwood has covid since most of you were cursing him for not being vaccinated. Lol at you.
  3. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it. But since the C and A are on the right side instead of the left. The alternates say "A Jersey"
  4. It's Marty's fault?!? I wouldn't mind the Jersey if not for the bubbly girl cursive font.
  5. Isn't that the Jersey the cheerleaders used to wear?
  6. You want to know when he'll return to the ice? They said indefinitely. There's your answer. You asked "WHAT THINGS" are causing his injury, even though it's a hip surgery. What difference does it make to you if it's not for your entitlement? Maybe he fell down the stairs and doesn't want anyone to know.
  7. Maybe because it's none of anyones business on the specific health of a player, regardless of how much you spent on the team and feel you're rightfully allowed to know about someone's private life.
  8. If the policy is the same as 10 years ago then cameras are allowed as long as they don't have one of those long scope lenses
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/CapFriendly/status/1417892960667160580/photo/1
  10. Max20Characters


    Because Canada has super strict covid regulations
  11. Yegor Sharangovich 49 Pavel Zacha 46 Mackenzie Blackwood 45 Nico Hischier 40 Ty Smith 34 Jack Hughes 24 (+1) Jesper Bratt 21 Miles Wood 17 Michael McLeod 16 Nathan Bastian 9 (-1) ELIMINATED Andreas Johnsson Matt Tennyson Colton White Will Butcher P.K. Subban A.J. Greer Jonas Siegenthaler Aaron Dell Nick Merkley Connor Carrick Tyce Thompson Marian Studenic Scott Wedgewood Jesper Boqvist Ryan Murray Mikhail Maltsev Kevin Bahl Damon Severson Nolan Foote Janne Kuokkanen
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