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  1. Rumor has it Lou is asking about Sam Gagner? I'm a big fan of Sam Gagner and I'm about ready for him to go to a team that actually has a shot at the playoffs. Larsson + pick may even land him.
  2. I actually like the Kings jersey the most of the pack. Not enough gray jerseys. I'm hoping we learn for sure if the Devils jersey is going to have this chrome logo or not.
  3. I think we all know where I stand on these jerseys.
  4. Speaking of dye sublimated numbers, I'm actually completely okay with those. I have a Nick Backstrom Dynamo Moscow jersey (#99, not 69 because I'm not 12) and those things are light and breathable, and the numbers never fade, it's ink injected into the jersey. However, I don't want ads all over the NHL jerseys, ever...
  5. That's totally Austin Powers' jacket. And Mike Myers is a huge Leafs fan. There's a photoshop in here somewhere.
  6. I wonder why the hell the Ducks aren't wearing the classic jersey? Anyway, I'm very excited for retros.
  7. I am incredibly excited. Christmas trees confirmed! I like the white retro even better myself, too.
  8. Christmas Tree

    Dear LD:

    He only ever faced around 20 or so shots a game during all of those golden years in Jersey...doesn't make his career numbers any less impressive.
  9. Christmas Tree


    His contract could be worse...it could be the one Nonis gave to Clarkson...
  10. I love his arena cam comment after the game. "I'm gonna try to keep doing this".
  11. I wouldn't make too much from this. And there is no reason for Marty to ever play for another team. If this season is it, he shouldn't entertain other offers. He's got nothing left to prove.
  12. I'm a Flyers fan, I live in Philadelphia, and seriously, congrats to Marty tonight, and to Jagr, who the Flyers should have held onto like a precious metal. My Flyers are the laughingstock of the NHL right now. A complete joke. I have no qualms about talking about how much they absolutely suck right now.
  13. I like the strict number policy, with exceptions for future Hall of Famers. Gilmour was allowed, Mogilny was allowed, and no one is going to tell Jagr not to wear #68. If the Devils had ever gotten Mario Lemieux or Gretzky, they would have been wearing #66 and #99. The rule is there so only the legends can wear the numbers, in rare cases, but Joe Rookie is not allowed to wear, say, #77.
  14. Thanks man, I still remember in 1995 saying "You know, Brodeur is good, but I still think Terreri is better." Yeah, I guess I was wrong there.
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