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  1. go BUF go OIL then i want the BUF to win it..............keep it in the EAST, and besides, i woudn't want pronger to get the cup....
  2. chort is sending positive vibes from moscow. go devs..................get another win!
  3. chort gave the good vibes from moscow. brylin scored. more vibes for sunday - brylin scores again.............this time the game winner. go devils chort to the canes - "edi k chortu"
  4. again - positive vibes from moscow..........devs will do ok tonight.
  5. i am sitting in moscow trying to send positive vibes to the devs. and i don't mean devushki, go devils!!!!
  6. it is deeper than just clarke or the flyers. Philly is a loser town - they love losers, and are losers. In every sport.............
  7. avs is 5 sharks in 6 devs is 5 buf in 7
  8. i remember like yesterday when quite a few of the posters here argued that Weeks was the real thing......and that he was a future HOF goalie. my position was always that he just "got lucky" at the right time. Where is he now? do not fear Cam Ward...................
  9. ott is good, no doubt. i think marty can steal a few games tho, and that can be the difference. it does appear that the devs and ott are going to meet........and it will go 7 likelast time. if marty plays his best and steals one or two - then devs go to the SCF
  10. Go Russia!!! they are a very exciting team! Plus, when they win, everyone in Moscow is happy!
  11. i am located in Moscow, but I have already sent 20 dolls to my brother in Michigan. He can sent them to you. I would like to get $40 for each doll - plus shipping from Michigan to your home in the USA. Yes - they are called nesting dolls - i don't know why I called them stacking dolls.
  12. Hi felllow Devs fans - I am selling Russian-style hand-made stacking dolls (the Devils). Tell me what you guys and gals think. The dolls are hand-made, and have seven figures: Brodeur Elias Rafalski Gomez White Mogilny Brylin I would like to see if there is interest in these................... I posted pictures in "the marketplace" forum...........
  13. I have a: Mogilny - red Stevens - white CsKA - Fetisov
  14. I like him. I saw him play for Dynamo in Moscow 6 times last year and he really is exciting. He really was never a "hot dog" when I saw him play.
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