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  1. At this point in his career, signing with a team that has a good chance to win is a good idea. He did that twice.
  2. I agree they didn't get to "finish" their evaluation, but they should already have had enough information to make their decisions. Will those decisions be less informed because they lost 2-3 months off the tail end? Possibly.
  3. He looks completely out of place on that team. The few games I have watched, he has looked terrible. Granted he's not really expected to carry that team, but his puck control, his hands, his ability to accept passes, every time I have sen him near the puck he's missed it or not played it cleanly. 1G, 3A is 22 playoff games. I didn't see any of those points.
  4. Agreed, but there are definitely people on this site that think hey know better lol.
  5. That guy is good for the 15 games a calendar year that he’s not injured.
  6. Yep. Personally I don’t see him being available at 7 anyway, but I guess we’ll see.
  7. That said, having 3 “elite” players would be pretty cool. We should try that sometime.
  8. I’m not saying to assume that, but how can anyone assume he’s going to be so elite that he can’t play on the third line? I can think of a certain #6 OA center that demonstrates that ain’t always true.
  9. I didn’t say it was right, I’m just saying that’s probably what it was.
  10. Assuming it’s the better GAA, SV% and the fact his team made the playoffs. But, he only played 33 games as well. I’d be hard pressed to give a trophy to a guy who played so little, even if he is a goalie.
  11. Are we at a point where we are going to assume that a guy we draft at #7 OA is going to be an “elite center”?
  12. Well duh, that wouldn’t be fun lol.
  13. Agree 100%. Especially when there are no fans, why the fvck put it on display??
  14. New Jersey is imaginary, that’s why they named part of it West New York.
  15. Yeah but at least we got it resolved that it is definitely 100% pork roll and not Taylor Ham.
  16. And Canadian bacon is ham, what the fvck do they know up there?
  17. Absolutely. Kid whacks his dad in the yam bag swinging at a piñata, that's funny. Do it in hockey, its bush league.
  18. I do still find a certain amount of humor in a nut shot, but it has no place hockey.
  19. That’s right, kick back, watch the games, wait for the Cup. That’s what September into October is all about. #OnlyIn2020
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