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  1. it’s definitely the wrong thing to do health wise. I also question whether playing to an empty house is something the owners would even want to do.
  2. That's the weirdest part to me. I have always preferred the reds, but in this current jersey, the whites definitely look better. Go figure.
  3. Liev Schreiber did those “Road to the Winter Classic” docuseries, he was excellent.
  4. That’s likely. We’re very fortunate and basically we are all symptom free at this point. I still have a little residual phlegmyness but aside from that, we all seem good. Thanks for asking. Is your son doing better?
  5. Not for nothing, but there were people on this site saying he was our best player not that long ago.
  6. Also we’ve been awarded Conor McDavid as compensation for losing Louis Domingue.
  7. Good point. What would happen to that pick if they qualified for the playoffs, but the playoffs get cancelled completely? I suppose if the league just calls the whole thing off, technically NOBODY made the playoffs because there were no playoffs to make.
  8. It might be crazy but at this point, I am feeling like drafting 6, 10 and 17 in a deep draft makes more sense than trading the picks away. Unless, well, 6 and 17 get you #1 lol.
  9. The team needed a hard reset. I think ownership failed to do that fully by keeping Hynes’ protege as the coach and Shero’s as the GM. At this point, keep the RFA’s, and a veteran or two, and burn it all down. I’ll add, trading Hall, Vatanen, Simmonds and Domingue were not for the purpose of tanking. We were finishing in the bottom third and out of the playoffs for certain, that’s when you get rid of free agents who aren’t going to re-sign, or who you don’t want to re-sign. If whoever was in charge (Shero then my dad) didn’t make those deals, they should have been immediately fired. What would be the point of letting all of those contracts expire while missing the playoffs by a mile? And Coleman we know, they offered a good deal on him because he had that extra year getting paid nothing. I have no problem with any of the above moves.
  10. Earned a meme in the shortest tenure possible.
  11. Which don’t matter anyway, it’s all about expected goals, I expect.
  12. I expect a million goals, so we definitely are the favorite to with the Cup next year. Sorry everyone else.
  13. Ain’t that the guy that stole our draft pick for Cory Schneider??
  14. I only root for the Devils to win a Cup.
  15. That’s the worst part for me, he’s going to be a great GM somewhere.
  16. I should add, I’m happy we drafted Jack, but it might’ve been funny/disappointing for Rangers fans to have to see their King in a Devils jersey. Would’ve been gross for us though.
  17. You can’t believe stuff like that. You probably shouldn’t state it like it’s a fact without some backup.
  18. That’s why I asked for a source.
  19. I haven’t seen that yet. Source?
  20. I’m watching “Tough Guy”, the documentary about Bob Probert. Really sad stuff. Also, it never dawned on me that his given name was obviously Robert, not Bob. Robert Probert. His parents thought that was a good idea. No wonder he was just Bob.
  21. I can’t even imagine. I had one and that was tough at times. “Double trouble” is a phrase for a reason lol.
  22. They have to be adorable to make up for the fact that there are two of them. Even if it’s not right now, that HAS to eventually get stressful lol.
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