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  1. I don’t disagree. I just appreciate the irony in us calling someone else a loser when all we have done is lose for 10 years.
  2. mfitz804

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    The minute that trade was made, my first instinct was that he can’t be happy that was where he was headed. Pretty sure he will go free agent and figure out which of the multiple huge offers he would like to take. Truth be told, if I were Fitz (and technically I am), I’d still be making a call. We still have a sh!t ton of cap room. I’m not saying he’d answer the call lol.
  3. I like that we’re gonna sit here having gone to the playoffs twice in the past 10 years, one game won since 2012, and we’re worried about a guy losing game 7’s.
  4. Just tell them if we HAVE to take Boeser to make a Wayne Simmonds trade work, I GUESS we can...
  5. I can’t imagine, at this point, anyone will be fooled by anything Cory does, At least I hope not!!
  6. Don’t even stress it, there’s no way Ovi doesn’t score #700 off us.
  7. Was gonna say, doesn’t he get a penalty for taking off his helmet? He does.
  8. Sh!tty stoppage on that fight too. Ref had Hayden’s right arm tied up while the other dude was still loose and throwing punches!!
  9. Sounds like something nasty from Urban Dictionary. He seems to like shooting the puck though.
  10. Yeah but horizontally he's awesome.
  11. You're assuming Domingue doesn't return a player worth $7-8 million a year. I mean you're 100% right, but you're assuming.
  12. Or the phone call came from the Impractical Jokers and Fitz fell for it hook, line & sinker.
  13. Yeah, we’ll obviously he’s proven how valuable he can be. To the opposition, but still.
  14. It’s a bad concept. Nico and Jack May not be on the team when we’re good either, it depends what is done around them. Palms is good now. You also need guys, at least a couple, that are good now. Now, if it’s next year and there’s no extension done, different story for me.
  15. No way that’s happening.
  16. Right. But my point is, there’s no possible way it wasn’t addressed. It just wasn’t executed.
  17. mfitz804

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    If that happens, there’s no question the tank is in full effect.
  18. I can guarantee no NHL coach’s concept is to let the other team take as many shots as possible and let the goalie bail you out lol. Our defense is sh!t, and without Vatanen and Greene, it’s diarrhea.
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