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  1. 2 minutes ago, ajsgolf said:

    Curious to get everyone’s take on this.  Kinda pains me to even ask....but, let’s say Henrik got traded to any other team except Philly or Boston, would you be upset if he won a cup or would any part of you root for him to win it?  Like I said, if he was on any other team other than the Rangers, Philly or Boston.  Just curious, that is all.

    I only root for the Devils to win a Cup. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, MadDog2020 said:

    I have a bad feeling Gillis will get the job because of the analytics bullsh!t. Which sucks, because I like Fitz, and he’ll probably go somewhere else and do a great job. 

    That’s the worst part for me, he’s going to be a great GM somewhere. 

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  3. 10 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:


    I saw it on the bottom ticker while watching the Devils/Wings Game from 95.  Checked it twice to make sure to wasn't about something else or another league. Looks like they changed it now and it says postponed...which is what we already knew.  Weird. 

    You can’t believe stuff like that. You probably shouldn’t state it like it’s a fact without some backup. 



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  4. 10 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    So the NHL season has been officially cancelled. That sucks.  Can't believe they made the decision without figuring out what to do with the draft and other key deadlines. 

    Kinda surprised the NHL is the first league to officially cancel things too, especially when the NBA postponed their games first. 

    I haven’t seen that yet. Source?

  5. 29 minutes ago, jagknife said:


    Oh they’re cute, most of the time, but when they throw their tantrums, even at a year and 7 months, it’s awful. Haha. I think my alcohol tolerance has increased in the past few months once they became mobile 

    honestly, the hardest hardest part is when I get sent away for a few days/weeks at a time and the wife has to do this solo. Too few people understand what she has to do in order to just take them anywhere and forget that a lot of the time, it’s a hell of a lot easier to just come to our house than have them host.

    I can’t even imagine. I had one and that was tough at times. “Double trouble” is a phrase for a reason lol. 

  6. 32 minutes ago, jagknife said:

    Still has his little smokers cough, but otherwise is back to his old self, thankfully. His brother was thrilled to have him home. So much so he was jumping in his crib that night yelling in twinspeak to him.

    how are you and the fam?

    All good, nothing but very minor cold symptoms thus far, thanks for asking.

    Glad your son is doing ok!!


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  7. 1 hour ago, jagknife said:

    Awesome glad to hear it. We can’t find flour and rice in our stores, that’s about the worst of it now. We had to have a friend buy a 25 lbs bag of flour from Costco for us. Guess I’ll be practicing my baking lol

    I guess so lol. I managed a small bag of flour in my local supermarket, and only a small bag of Target brand brown rice. Who the fvck is like “I’m quarantined, I’m going to eat a sh!t ton of rice to survive”?

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  8. 14 minutes ago, jagknife said:

    You guys out? I can literally try to two-day ship a big bottle tomorrow (overnight isn’t available here, if you can believe it).

    and that goes for anyone, it seems our small town is ALMOST out of the initial stock pile hysteria so I’m willing to mail to people.

    Thanks brother but I did find some at a small independent pharmacy. It wasn’t on the shelf, you had to “know somebody”. Which is a sh!tty business practice and I’m probably done shopping there. 

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  9. 2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    yes! who the fvck knew not to take ibuprofen? well i definitely didn’t but the virtual doctor said basically to hide my ibuprofen bottles so i don’t take it by accident. i was told to try to let my body fight the fever as much as possible and when it got unbearable to take tylenol.

    ive been taking lukewarm baths and they help with the fever tremendously.    

    The other issue with that, of course, is that a-holes have hoarded all the Tylenol and you’re lucky if you find any. 

  10. On 3/25/2020 at 12:08 PM, aylbert said:

    This seems like a weird nomination process;   if you pick your favorite, the bottoms wont get any votes.
    So I picked a bottom one since obviously "You're Next" or "Fvck You" would be nominated.

    This should just be a poll of the bottom third etc.

    This poll will just determine the order of the seeding. If 4 of them get all the votes, then the next 12 in order will be the bottom 12, and the remainder will be out.

    If you want to vote strategically for lower ones instead of just for “your favorite”, that’s up to you. But there will be GIFs that do not get any votes that will move on to the next round. 

    In other news, it’s also a total flop and nobody in interested in voting. Too much on our minds. Thought it’d be a welcome distraction. Guess not. 

  11. 26 minutes ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    sh!t, sorry to hear that.  Prayers for a speedy recovery. 

    Thanks man. Reports on this thing are true, it definitely affects different people different ways. Some people get a cold, others end up in intensive care. All you can do is hope for the best. Thus far, we’re lucky. 

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  12. 57 minutes ago, DevilMinder said:


    So glad to hear Jag! Whew.

    Hope your is feeling better soon too Fitz

    She has tested positive for the virus. Still very mild symptoms right now, hopefully it stays that way.

    Myself and my daughter are presumptive positive having minor cold symptoms. 

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  13. 5 minutes ago, jagknife said:

    Huge news for us: little guy just got home. COVID negative. still no results on the viral but either way. They’re home and off quarantine.

    All the thoughts, prayers and good vibes to @MB3, @mfitz804 and anyone else that knows someone battling.

    Awesome news my man, glad to hear it.

    And thanks for the well wishes, my wife is doing better than many who have the virus, I still suspect she will be negative but if not, she’s fighting it hard and still fever free. 

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  14. My wife signed up for testing, it took them like 5 days to call her back and tell her she could come in. Of course, she’s a teacher and they have been monitoring them closely because they could have potentially passed it on to hundreds of people. She still hasn’t gotten her results after 3 days. 

    Thankfully, her symptoms have not progressed. But it is troubling that people a lot sicker than she is can’t get tested. I know part of the logic is that there’s no treatment for the virus, you can only treat the symptoms. They feel it’s pointless to test some people when the result doesn’t impact the treatment. 


  15. 5 hours ago, NJDfan1711 said:

    That's not even really the nose though...isn't that like more of the forehead?  To me the nose is more towards the point/tip of the head.  I agree most logos and uniform designs nowadays usually leave a lot to be desired, but with this particular one I don't think I really would have noticed it or associated it that way unless someone else mentioned it.

    Yup, he has balls for a forehead. 

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