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  1. Just now, aylbert said:

    Armstrong cleaned house with scouting a week before the draft and he couldn’t be a part of this draft as he was preparing St Louis draft just before being hired...   it’s a real possibility they weren’t prepared for it no matter what they may say publicly.

    Either way, not knowing how deep the problems were,   Or not having the backbone...   it’s yet another embarrassment for a bad franchise. 


    For sure. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, aylbert said:

    Honestly I'm supportive of him getting another shot because people do dumb sh!t at 14...   it's funny to be shocking and when you're 14 you don't really consider the consequences of your words and the taunting that you do.   That was his wake-up call to do better.   To man up, admit what you said and did, and apologize for not treating a class mate like a fellow human being.

    After all of this...  he isn't remorseful?     To the point where teams that are willing to hear him out, leave meetings with  "yea...  he isn't remorseful".
    Did the kid really not have the common sense to knock it off, but continue it 2 years later at 16?   (I'm not sure what he did, but the mother references it)

    In addition...  I don't want to excuse the 1980s, 1990s... and frankly even the 2000s...  but bullying and hazing were seen in a different light then.   Tricking a kid to lick something that was rubbed in a urinal is repulsive, but again, it's funny because it was shocking and repulsive...   but we as a society moved on; and certainly in 2016 it wasn't tolerated at all.    It wasn't a "different" time.

    But again, none of this is NEW.   WTF is Arizona doing?    Were they that unprepared for their FIRST pick in the draft, that they took a kid they knew nothing about?     Or are they that soft that they have to renounce the pick because it was unpopular for a few days.  The sh!tstorm would blow over in time.   It was a non-event press wise when he was drafted.   It's the offseason and slow.   

    The kid is a piece of sh!t, sure.  But you invested your pick in him on the cheap because of it.   Nothing new happens, and you bail?      Arizona is a mess.

    They were stupid to select him given the current environment. They should’ve figured it out before they picked him. Like everyone else did. 

  3. Yeah seems like a douche. I don’t give a sh!t what anyone says, you know at age 14 if you’re being racist and mistreating a mentally disabled kid. Maybe you don’t know that it’s going to Fvck up your life, but you knew it was wrong. 

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  4. From reading the article, it seems they just want to give an offer sheet, and it doesn’t matter who they give it to. That doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. I don’t find is credible. If you want to tell me a certain player the Devils are interested in, and are considering signing an offer sheet for, then we can talk.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, jagknife said:

    A few of the comments are pretty funny though, “this looks like the Jersey you design in franchise mode, use for a little while then regret and start over”

    I dunno, I guess I really don’t like the neon

    Yeah, upon further review I am mad at it. The neon green is awful. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, StarDew said:

    Born and raised in NJ. My dad was a  NYR fan.  I used to watch games with my dad always rooting for the other team. When the Scouts came into being I picked them since they were new. Man was I elated when  they moved to NJ.  Prior I could only see my teams live when they played the NYR. I sure miss my dad and those times.


    That’s really random. Guess it was just meant to be...

  7. 14 minutes ago, devlman said:

    Are you from Colorado or KC?  This is amazing so I’m curious how you grew attached to the Rockies/Scouts to the point of following them to N.J. 

    I can’t imagine there are many people that we’d let fans of such short-lived teams, made the jump to New Jersey, and are still fans today. And we have at least two right here. 

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