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  1. Just now, MB3 said:

    cool kids don’t post on message forums on friday nights. 

    they fall asleep on the couch after half a sip of wine and the first challenge of the great british bakeoff after your kid spent the week with hand foot and mouth disease.

    not to be confused with my famous foot-in-mouth disease. 

    Now that sucks, I’m sorry to hear about that. 

  2. 1 minute ago, SterioDesign said:

    We all read and saw what happened lol not sure why he's trying to back-pedal. It's still ALL THERE lol  This wasn't a conversation like we were talking about potential players to target like...

    "man i'd kill to have a player like Fiala on this team, he's exactly what we need. He's likely not available and would cost a lot but depending on how the Bratt negotiations goes and if he wants too much we might be forced to make a move and then he'd be expandable for this kind of hockey trade, then it would be a good opportunity to get a different kind of player that fits our need"

    like he's trying to pretend he was doing lol No it was...

    * Bratt not doing "enough" to prevent a goal that cost us the game *

    "i don’t want jesper bratt on this team next year. i just don’t. when he decides to play with literally any effort he’s a top-10 player in the whole game.  he takes shifts off, he takes periods off, he takes games off. he’s an unwilling useless winger in the defensive end and his flashes of brilliance are not worth $8m to this team, period.

    trade him in the off-season for a player who competes.

    I think paying a guy who takes off several shifts per game $8.5m is a paramountly idiotic thing to do."

    This was a rage post wanting Bratt out through and through lol then he's claiming he never said things he straight up said. What a special special person 

    I think the fact that Bratt is presently outscoring 18 of the 33 guys he pointed out are making more than $8m was pretty telling. How do you argue that a guy who is producing better than more than half of the guys making more than $8m doesn’t deserve more than $8m? 

    I get the whole “it’s not just about scoring” argument, I guess, but still, the idea that high scoring forwards don’t get paid based on their production is a pretty flawed argument. 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

    This Pacioretty injury could really hurt us if we are chasing Meier. It takes 7 million off of Carolinas cap and opens up a need for them to chase a wing. I’d really like him but I hope the price doesn’t get driven up to much. 

    Yeah that does seem like a concern. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, SterioDesign said:

    Well... it's still calling him useless. But even if we let that one slide.... You still can't defend that you lied about not saying you wanted to move him and that he was problematic lol

    You can lie to yourself man all day long man. Just don't lie to us :P

    Or at least, don’t expect not to be called on it lol. 

  5. 9 minutes ago, Jerrydevil said:

    We can just wait for the summer and sign Meier then. Why trade anyone? 

    As for a pending UFA signing an extension with the team that trades for him ... I'll believe it when I see it. I'm not sure Meier would agree to do that. 

    He’s not a pending UFA, though. He’s still an RFA after this year. 

  6. 27 minutes ago, njdevil26 said:

    Also, All I want is for the Devils to trade for Timo Meier. I mean come on, it's perfect.

    He's available.

    He knows Nico.

    Holtz knows Eklund (1st and Holtz go the other way)

    As long as they figure out how to fit it under the cap this season, he can be extended along with Bratt fairly easily. 

    He plays a tougher style than anyone in the top six. It's a no brainer. 

    There’s no doubt about it, Meier fits the mold of what we need. If I were Fitz I would be focusing on a guy like that. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    Am I taking crazy pills? Are my posts not going through? 

    All of these posts are from this thread. Copied and pasted.

    • I don’t want him cut. I want him traded. 
    • at a point per game he is a valuable asset. I would prefer if that asset were traded in the off-season for a commensurately valuable asset
    • I don't want the Devils to cut Jesper Bratt. I don't want the Devils to trade Jesper Bratt for pennies. I am aware that Jesper Bratt is a valuable young player.
    • I would like to see the Devils make a hockey trade with Jesper Bratt in the offseason and bring in guys who compete, who play hard, who won't get pushed around in the playoffs, who don't disappear.
    • I’m not asking for him to be given away for free. I’m not calling him useless or terrible.
    • I think the Devils should explore trading Jesper Bratt in the offseason for a guy that plays like a Fiala or Tkachuk
    • I don't want to throw Jesper Bratt away. If the Devils re-sign him, I'll eagerly cheer for him. I don't hate him. I just think his playstyle a redundancy in a team with massive holes.


    For someone who is going to stop posting, you sure do keep posting. You might want to evaluate the whole “who needs to have the last word” thing. 

    It’s as simple as saying you want to trade Bratt for a player you consider to be an upgrade, which again, is just common sense. But when I said that, you couldn’t just answer it. 

    One of your reasons for wanting to trade him is that “he disappears”, which is a really poor argument given he is basically PPG for the last 2 seasons and has only gone on a streak or not scoring for more than one game on two occasions this season (2 and 4 games respectively), I brought up how your premise on that was flawed, and of course you never responded to that either. 

    None of what I said could be construed at all as saying you want him cut, I’m not sure why you keep repeating that. 

    Of course, as I pointed out (and SD referred to as a unicorn), what we’re left with is that you’re talking about an eventuality where one of the top 35 or so guys in the game suddenly becomes available. It’s possible, sure. Is it likely, though? 

  8. 4 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    I don't consider Kevin Fiala to be a superstar. He's a great, fringe all-star forward who fits this team better than Jesper Bratt. I am saying that the Devils should explore trading a guy like Bratt for a guy like Fiala this offseason. I am saying I would rather the Devils pay a guy like Fiala $8.5 than a guy like Bratt $8.5. I am not saying "Bratt is a problem and should be moved", which is something I've said now eleven times in this thread.

    I'll stop replying because you're hellbent on getting the last word, and nobody beats your lame ass at that. 

    I’m not, I’m just trying to figure out what the fvck you are saying because it wasn’t clear. Thanks for being such a peach and explaining in 12 posts what you could have done in 1 if you just answered a simple question every once in a while. 

    Im not convinced a guy like Fiala is anything more than a lateral move, but that’s opinion. Also opinion is whether a PPG player in a league that only has about 35 of them is or is not a superstar. Just a regular star, I guess? Is that fair? 

  9. 2 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    I'll just stop replying because this is silliness at this point, but there were 2 players like that available to trade for last summer. It's not a miracle to assume there might be others available this summer. 

    I’m just trying to clarify you point. What you are saying is either that Bratt is a problem and he should be moved, or that on the off chance that some superstar becomes available, he should be trade bait for that, which is just common sense. So the whole premise is either nonsensical or completely obvious. 

    You’ll stop replying because you know that it can’t be explained any other way. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    Hell yeah, I got someone to actually engage with me. 

    "Better" to me isn't just "look at the stats, who had more points?". Bratt plays next to Hughes and Nico exclusively. Obviously we've seen that not everyone can put up great numbers next to those two (hide your Haulas) but the Devils have a lot of players that are "like" Bratt. Bratt is a skilled playmaking forward. Nico is a skilled playmaking forward. Jack is a skilled playmaking forward. The Devils at an organizational level lack big, strong, physical top-6 power forwards. They lack players who enjoy getting/throwing hits, who enjoy digging pucks out of nasty areas, who aren't afraid to muck it up in the crease. Even their best offensive prospects -- Holtz, Clarke, Thompson -- they're all small, skilled playmakers. (You can argue Nolan Foote fits the bill of a power forward but I don't see it with him). 

    Kevin Fiala would've been perfect for this team. He's going to go to the dirty areas, he's going to score the dirty goals, he's got a cannon of a shot and he's exactly the kind of linemate that would flourish with a Nico or a Jack. I would love to see the Devils acquire one -- or two -- guys like that in the offseason, and I'm not playing Madden with the salary cap turned off, so I'm acknowledging that signing two of those guys comes at the expense of Bratt.

    I don't want to throw Jesper Bratt away. If the Devils re-sign him, I'll eagerly cheer for him. I don't hate him. I just think his playstyle a redundancy in a team with massive holes. 

    The point, which you are obviously missing, is that your concept that he “disappears” is a fallacy, at least based on his current play. There are maybe 35 guys in the entire league producing what he is producing right now. Another two of them are on our team. How many of the other 32 will be available? 

    You know at least 90% of them will not be. If what you’d re saying is that on the off chance that some superstar player miraculously becomes available, Bratt could be included in that trade, ok, sure, why not. But out of those 32 guys many of them would only be a lateral move and wouldn’t even be worth it. 

    So is your position “if someone better than Bratt is available, we should trade Bratt for him”? If so, I would suggest that is a garbage dump of a post. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, MB3 said:

    Who is making this debate? How is this your best effort? 

    "I think the Devils should explore trading Jesper Bratt in the offseason for a guy that plays like a Fiala or Tkachuk" and your response is "hurr durr let's trade Andreas Johnsson for Conor McDavid"? Where are the wires getting crossed here? 

    I had Draisaitl and some other guys in there as well. See my edit for more than me just cracking wise at your expense. 

    And the point is, you are talking about an exceptionally small group of players that could become available that fall into that category, where Bratt already falls. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    Matt Tkachuk, Kevin Fiala and Alex deBrincat weren’t available, until they were. Taylor Hall wasn’t available, until we acquired him. 

    That’s why I don’t bother with naming names, because you and SD run full speed to your keyboard to say “NAAAAA NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!!”. Why waste both of our time? 

    Ok fine, we’ll just get McDavid and Draisaitl then. Done deal. Bratt and Johnsson and Smith for Leon and Connor. 

    Of those 3 guys you mentioned, only Tkachuk is having a markedly better season than Bratt. Guys like Fiala or DeBrincat may be available, but you’d possibly be making a lateral move, unless another Tkachuk becomes available. And the odds don’t favor it. If you want to chase such a guy and dangle Bratt as the bait, that is fine.

  13. The problem is, the whole idea is based on a flawed premise that he disappears for games at a time. He had one streak of 4 games with no points (in December when the whole team was awful), and one streak of 2 games with no points, and zero other streaks of no points for the entire season. 

    Last season, he had a few more. He was still just shy of PPG by 3 points. 

    I ask again, what the fvck more do you need from him??

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  14. 20 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    Are you capable of having any sort of debate without these weird hypothetical strawman arguments that you always win? It’s getting tiring seeing you totally win those shower arguments bro!! 

    Kevin Fiala and Matthew Tkachuk last off-season were examples of that. Neither guy was projected to be available until the summer, so if you asked me this time last year I’d say “idk yet”.

    I’m not asking for him to be given away for free. I’m not calling him useless or terrible. I’m saying he’s soft and prone to stretches of invisibility. I’m not asking for a unicorn. I’m asking for a guy who isn’t that. 

    He’s better than a point per game. How much better than a point per game player do you want? You know that’s only like 30-40 players in the whole league, most of whom are not anywhere close to available, right?

  15. 34 minutes ago, MB3 said:

    List of forwards who make more than $8m in the NHL:

    1. Tomas Hertl
    2. Brady Tkachuk
    3. Blake Wheeler
    4. Jacob Voracek
    5. Sebastian Aho
    6. Filip Forsberg
    7. Leon Draisaitl
    8. Steven Stamkos
    9. Mika Zibanejad
    10. Patrik Laine
    11. Sidney Crosby
    12. Jeff Skinner
    13. Kirill Kaprizov
    14. Nick Backstrom
    15. Mikko Rantanen
    16. Nikita Kucherov
    17. Brayden Point
    18. Alex Ovechkin
    19. Jamie Benn
    20. Mark Stone
    21. Matt Tkachuk
    22. Johnny Gaudreau
    23. Tyler Seguin
    24. Jack Eichel
    25. Anze Kopitar
    26. Aleksander Barkov
    27. Johnathan Toews
    28. Patrick Kane
    29. Mitch Marner
    30. John Tavares
    31. Auston Matthews
    32. Artemi Panarin
    33. Connor McDavid

    Excluding the obvious "they signed their contract 6 years ago and aren't that good any more" guys like Voracek, Toews, Benn, Skinner and Backstrom, if you ranked this list and added Bratt's name, where does he fall? Bottom 5? Bottom 5? Dead last? 

    I don't want the Devils to cut Jesper Bratt. I don't want the Devils to trade Jesper Bratt for pennies. I am aware that Jesper Bratt is a valuable young player. I would just like to see the Devils make a hockey trade with Jesper Bratt in the offseason and bring in guys who compete, who play hard, who won't get pushed around in the playoffs, who don't disappear. I don't know who that guy is, because I'm not an NHL GM. I'm just typing on a message board that I think Jesper Bratt is overvalued by Devils fans, and I'm getting tired of watching the team play games against teams like the Kraken and the Bruins and the Hurricanes and spend 60 minutes getting bullied while Jesper Bratt stays on the half wall and wide of the circles to avoid contact. 

    The team reeeeeeeeeally could've used a Matthew Tkachuk or a Kevin Fiala this offseason. 

    Bratt is currently outscoring 18 of those 33. Logic dictates that he should be in the list of forwards making more than $8m a season. 

  16. 7 minutes ago, Puckbuster said:

    Those were some tough years.  But, you are right, we need to add wingers and not lose the best one we have.

    I actually didn’t give him enough credit, he is now a point above PPG, on pace for 32g-52a-84p. All of which will be career highs. 

    It’s like Jack’s great year and super team-friendly contract have made some people forget that 32 goals and 84 points is great production. Especially from a 6th round pick, most of whom don’t even make the NHL. 

    Let me add this as well, Bratt is currently 32nd in the league in scoring. How many guys in the top 32 in scoring make less than Bratt? Three. One is Tage Thompson, he is making $7.1m next year. One is RNH, who right now looks like one of the best contracts in hockey locked in long term at $5,125,000. And one is Alex Tuch, who is also having a career year. That’s it. there are a few guys making just above what Bratt is making, and a ton of guys making $8-9m and more. 

    Expand that to the top 50 and there’s only another 5 guys making less than Jesper, and one is Stutzle who is making $8,350,000 next year after his ELC expires. Stutzle and Bratt have very similar stats this year. 

    Anyone arguing that Bratt isn’t “worth it”, 41 of the top 50 scorers in the NHL are making more than him. You aren’t correct. 


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  17. 3 minutes ago, Puckbuster said:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to let Bratt go.  Bratt took less money over the past two years and is a PPG player.  The Devils will have to pay him for that and to keep him through his prime years.  It will be very difficult and costly to replace that is even equivalent.

    Sometimes I wonder what the expectations are.  All players go through lulls and it seems that we hold our players to a much higher standard.  It’s not like the are making McDavid or Matthews money.

    I agree, it is kind of comical how negative people are about him while he is one point shy of PPG. You don’t look to get rid of a PPG winger, if anything we need another. 

    It’s like people forget we are only like 4 years removed from Kyle Palmieri leading the team in scoring with 50 points. Anyone want to go back to that? 

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  18. 2 minutes ago, Devil Dan 56 said:

    Bastian and McLeod have a history of playing well on the same line. Wood seemed to be fitting in with them, so maybe that will develop again? Either way I can’t see Wood really being here much longer. He’s got speed and he’s willing to get his face punched from time to time but he might be one of those guys that never fully recovers from an injury 

    Let's hope that works. The way he still skates, I am not sure the injury is the issue, but I guess it could be. 


  19. 1 goal in 30 games

    56 minutes ago, Nicomo said:

    Miles Wood has 1 goal in his last 30 games. If the BMW line being back together doesn’t get him going then they need to start seriously considering scratching him for Holtz or Zetterlund. 

    Looking at his stats more closely, its also only 5 points in 21 games since the beginning of December. Granted, our December sucked, but still. 

    Even fvcking McLeod has more. As much as everyone thinks having the "BMW" 4th line is fun, Wood isn't contributing. Will that change now that the full line is reunited? I'm skeptical. 

  20. 31 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    The goaltending really did the job on this trip:

    Blackwood:  2 GP, 77 Shots, 71 Saves, .921 save%

    Vanacek:  3 GP, 93 Shots, 85 Saves, .914 save%

    To me, that says too many shots allowed and the defense got bailed out by great goaltending. 34 shots allowed per game is bottom 5 type numbers, and we got 9 out of 10 points regardless. 

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