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  1. What the fvck did they do, send Lapierre every team’s jersey? How the hell did they have a Caps jersey there for him?
  2. Or at least give us your top two picks, I bet you’re half wrong...
  3. Seriously...thy local NJDevs, the sky is falling again lol.
  4. “Turn off Fortnite, I’m tring to give an interview!!!”
  5. Is one of these a typo/autocorrect for Mukhamadullin?
  6. Dano will throw down the mic and quit if that happens.
  7. And none since most people have cell phones. We were still carrying fvcking beepers back then. Yeah that’s a good one too.
  8. Hendrix Lapierre is a badass name too.
  9. Yeah not the end of the world. Wouldn’t be annoyed if Calgary just took him.
  10. I’m confused about him. They said 3 concussions in a year, but maybe it wasn’t that and it was a cervical spine issue. That’s a lot of stuff to worry about. You do realize, of course...even if you are right, you’re half wrong lol.
  11. The guy we would have taken at 20, clearly.
  12. Ok @Nicomo, who is at # 20, name your two guys to choose from.
  13. Man my wife made me watch that back in the day, that sh!t was brutal.
  14. What team is he from? Charcuterie? You went into it with no fear. You’re a real Mitch Marner type tonight.
  15. First order of business is getting that kid to a barber that isn’t blind.
  16. Bold. You could be half wrong a third time.
  17. We are on the Clock. Schneids II or Lapierre?
  18. Man you have the knack for being half wrong tonight lol.
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