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  1. Awful. And if true, worse than the original.
  2. That would be a good example. For 3 games, a Devil head (but not Bing’s one, a good one lol) would be ok by me. Use the current logo as a shoulder patch, and bam, there’s a special event jersey I could tolerate. Make that the actual all-the-time jersey and I would be pissed.
  3. Todd Bertuzzi apologizes to the media for being a douche during his playing career. NY Post
  4. A fourth jersey with an alternate logo that gets worn 2-3 times during the year I would be ok with. A little redesigning (losing the circle or white background while maintaining the NJ), ok, maybe. But a complete change? I would be against that.
  5. Agreed. There’s only 3-4 of us over here lol.
  6. Dude will probably be in Binghamton taking home $900 a week while thinking how he’s got a contract that could be paying him over 10 times as much. I’d almost rather not know the NHL number lol.
  7. I’ve seen them done that way. When I had one, I did two layer, white on top of red. Looked very sharp that way.
  8. Obviously a cornerstone of our franchise for the next 10 years.
  9. The Flyers looks pieced together. Like their roster. Pens isn't bad. I'm hoping ours is green with red and white trim. That's what I would see as a "reverse retro" for us.
  10. Oh, it wasn't a criticism at all, its impressive. I don't partake much now but I guarantee I played NHL 94-99 more than any of you lol. The first (and maybe only) on-campus activity I participated in in college was an NHL 94 tournament, in which I took first place and $500 in prize money.
  11. The fact that you guys remember specific details of video game wins/losses is amazing.
  12. Unless they put @SterioDesignin charge of it, it’s guaranteed.
  13. Agreed, perfect candidate for it. Also, having a Ring of Honor with one dude in it makes no sense.
  14. As long as we are discussing Doc-isms, how about playing games with the time remaining. More than a few people would be confused when he would announce that there were 400 seconds remaining in a period lol.
  15. 100%, that’s a classic Doc call. “HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT!!”, remember it like it was yesterday. Apologies to Lyle who probably doesn’t like reliving that one lol.
  16. As a young Devils fan, I was not happy to learn that Gary Thorne would be leaving our broadcasts. He was the voice I knew. Then Doc arrived and I realized what calling a hockey game should sound like. Doc and Chico were a near perfect team in my opinion, and I still miss them calling the games. Enjoy retirement Doc, and thanks. NY Post
  17. That’s what I’m assuming.
  18. So if I am the only one who posts today...do I automatically “win the day”?
  19. Nobody checked Lea Thompson after the picture...
  20. I mean I can believe that @SterioDesignis a unicorn, but that doesn’t mean he is. Ok, he’s totally a fvcking unicorn.
  21. Probably just not in my nature to assume stuff like that. I need to see a little more.
  22. Which means he *could* wind up being good. Or he could be a giant bust like other first overall picks. I’m not saying sit around and say he’s a bust, I’m saying don’t go 100% the other way and name him the cornerstone of our franchise for the next 10 years.
  23. I get in trouble every time I say this lol. People are giving himself top 6 center role for the next 10 years based on a flat out abysmal season. Do I HOPE he can be our top center for 10 years? Sure. Has he shown me that he will? Sorry, absolutely not. Maybe it’s not reasonable to expect it, given his age. This year will mean a lot. You saw how much Nico improved year 1 to 2. And I think Nico’s first year would’ve been a turd without Hall. If Jack comes into camp 10 pounds heavier and looking a little less like a 14 year old, I’ll be pretty happy.
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