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  1. 100%, that’s a classic Doc call. “HIT THE POST WITH THE SHOT!!”, remember it like it was yesterday. Apologies to Lyle who probably doesn’t like reliving that one lol.
  2. As a young Devils fan, I was not happy to learn that Gary Thorne would be leaving our broadcasts. He was the voice I knew. Then Doc arrived and I realized what calling a hockey game should sound like. Doc and Chico were a near perfect team in my opinion, and I still miss them calling the games. Enjoy retirement Doc, and thanks. NY Post
  3. That’s what I’m assuming.
  4. So if I am the only one who posts today...do I automatically “win the day”?
  5. Nobody checked Lea Thompson after the picture...
  6. I mean I can believe that @SterioDesignis a unicorn, but that doesn’t mean he is. Ok, he’s totally a fvcking unicorn.
  7. Probably just not in my nature to assume stuff like that. I need to see a little more.
  8. Which means he *could* wind up being good. Or he could be a giant bust like other first overall picks. I’m not saying sit around and say he’s a bust, I’m saying don’t go 100% the other way and name him the cornerstone of our franchise for the next 10 years.
  9. I get in trouble every time I say this lol. People are giving himself top 6 center role for the next 10 years based on a flat out abysmal season. Do I HOPE he can be our top center for 10 years? Sure. Has he shown me that he will? Sorry, absolutely not. Maybe it’s not reasonable to expect it, given his age. This year will mean a lot. You saw how much Nico improved year 1 to 2. And I think Nico’s first year would’ve been a turd without Hall. If Jack comes into camp 10 pounds heavier and looking a little less like a 14 year old, I’ll be pretty happy.
  10. I bet he’ll be terrific in 10 years when he actually makes it over to America.
  11. Yup, bad job by me. Not on my game this week.
  12. How the fvck a guy named Tony DeAngelo isn’t from Staten Island, I’ll never know.
  13. Its ok, I still love you, you wacky bastard. If not, you and me as the 3rd pair defense pairing and we go full on Bash Brothers with it.
  14. 1) There’s no need to be condescending and you taught me nothing, because; 2) He was still listed as a member of the Devils on Cap Friendly when I posted that, it had not yet been updated.
  15. I’m not sure how the WJC works, but personally, I don’t think anyone plying in the NHL can be deemed a “junior” player, regardless of age. They shouldn’t have NHLers playing.
  16. So that makes sense then, the higher signing bonus years are the years that he’s more likely to be bought out (the later ones), and if the team buys out the last season, there’s no signing bonus. I get the structure a little more now.
  17. I get talked down to on this board all the time for talking about this. Advanced stats like zone entries and high danger shots on a Tuesday are only showing you which players are more likely to be effective. If those stats are high, and their regular stats are low, and their plus/minus is low, that means that despite those stats, the player isn’t converting and that doesn’t help the team win at all. You are hoping that the guy who takes a lot of high danger shots (on Tuesday) will wind up scoring a lot of goals to be scored or cause others to score goals. If that isn’t happening, that sta
  18. The math needed to figure out and understand how they arrived at each of those numbers makes my head hurt.
  19. I would totally be in favor of the New Jersey Jon Bon Springsteens. I don’t think I would have waited. Partially because it irks me that I didn’t get into the Devils until 1986 so I missed the first few years. If a new team came, I’d have wanted to be in on the ground floor, so I would have gotten a jersey and been a fan from the jump.
  20. Wouldn’t have even thought about the Flyers here, because I couldn’t watch their games either. I was abused by Rangers fans all through high school, 1994 being the worst obviously. I would never have done that. Maybe a small possibility of the Islanders since at that time There wasn’t a strong rivalry, but if they brought in another NJ team, that would have been my team.
  21. Probably what I would have done though. I don’t see how, without Streaming options or the NHL package, how one would remain a fan of something they couldn’t watch more than a couple times a year. And obviously I wasn’t defecting to the other two teams.
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