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  1. And it still troubles him to this day.
  2. I’m adding Nico to that list. Obviously he has progressed, but I’d sure like to see him continuing to do that each season while he’s still so young. There’s room to go from good to great, and from great to superstar, etc.
  3. Yeah he would be our top 6 lol.
  4. I really want to see a Blake Coleman OT goal here.
  5. Isles definitely playing like they are not ready to end their season.
  6. If that even just touched Mayfield’s skate it was game over. Two bad plays by Maroon in failing to hold the zone.
  7. Missed that play live but just saw the replay. That was the most obvious fvcking mistake I have ever seen, what the fvck was the linesman doing??
  8. I think Stevens needs to be a coach so he can touch it.
  9. Is he even still "top 6"? i feel like if that's our idea of a top 6 wing, we're in trouble. I would literally rather see anyone from Binghamton in that spot before we did that.
  10. Aside from the few MLB pitchers who have found it necessary to leap over the sidelines on the way to the dugout, I agree.
  11. Also taking it literally, you don't know what the budget is. And I doubt anyone who knows has revealed it. Clearly its not "sped to the cap", but how annoyed I am depends on how tight it is.
  12. Careful out there man, hope you make it through ok.
  13. The NJDevs playoff bracket challenge is making me laugh. Most people had Dallas out in round 1, and nobody had them getting past the Avs. Oh well.
  14. Well you’re adding a bunch of additional stuff to what I said, but still, there’s a benefit to it which is why every team in the league other than us seems to do it. We just keep our cap space in our pockets, play Kevin Rooney, Mike McLeod and Mirco Mueller and wonder why we missed the playoffs lol.
  15. Sure, that’s great if it works out. But improving the team short term, so that we have some success and people can see we are a decent organization, that would be a good thing. Maybe if you do that, you get the better free agents. Or you re-sign a guy after a trade. Or you get the better coaches. And so on.
  16. I definitely didn’t say just one.
  17. Again, good AND expensive. Should we turn our noses up at him? Obviously not. But we are definitely at a point where we shouldn't pay into 8 figures a year to a guy who is a 50+ point player with a career 14 games of playoff experience. I'd be happy to have Hall back (assuming he wanted to come back, which he doesn't), but nowhere near the $11-12m people were expecting him to get. That was pretty much my exact point. I want to have a Tavares/Marner type contract, where you get the production that goes with the price tag. Not paying $9m for PK Subban's ghost.
  18. And on yet another hand, one thing that would make us closer to competing is having more guys that are expensive and good, rather than having cap space and our most expensive guys have been awful. Just sayin’.
  19. It’s irritating to hear, but I’m sure most teams do this. Personally, I’m in the “spend to the cap” camp if it’s going to work. Leaving money on the table and having a sh!tty team is irritating.
  20. Isles on the brink. Vegas too. Very uninspiring round this far, in my opinion.
  21. And an easy time getting a restraining order lol.
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