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  1. Well you don’t trade your WORST players when you’re in last place and rebuilding...
  2. I don’t care about Q, but a second for Andy Greene is a great return.
  3. Unfortunately, it’s just an online generator that only lets me choose the font. I don’t think I can add that, but I’ll definitely take a look and see.
  4. I wasn’t talking about Dano, that he can’t pronounce “Alain Nasreddine” is a given.
  5. I mean it has to stick now, that’s how you earn a fvcking nickname.
  6. Every time they say it on the broadcast, it’s Elaine.
  7. And our coach is still a dude named Elaine lol.
  8. Yes but the third line has also been comprised of 4th line players lol.
  9. Are people saying that?? Personally I don’t want him to go, he’s exciting, likeable, and contributes enough that I want him to be around. But “untouchable”? No. Would I trade him for peanuts? Also no. He’s under contract for another year for almost no pay, that has to be worth something extra in a trade. What that is, I have no idea. But I feel the same way about everyone else, if they don’t want to re-sign, get them out of here and get something back. I guess he is too early on for negotiating.
  10. Now I’ll see the exploding neon sign every time. Which, obviously, only makes it better.
  11. So his parents, both his grandmothers, and you?
  12. I really want this to become a thing lol.
  13. I am offended. It’s just ASSUMED he meant me??? Highly offensive.
  14. Agreed, it wouldn’t be possible to enforce unless you put in a shot clock, but you’re talking about a second or two of wiggle room. The best way would be to end the hockey game with hockey instead of a skills competition, but that’s not happening either.
  15. Who among us doesn’t ask this exact question every day?
  16. I notice you didn’t mention how I pointed out he’s just as good as a 90 year old Wayne Simmonds lol.
  17. Another reason I hate the shootout. The whole “slow approach” concept is lame and should be barred.
  18. I patented the phrase “flashes of adequacy” to describe when Pavel plays well. 7 points in 7 games is great. 6 goals in 55 games, not so much.
  19. Yup he’s killing it. He’s got basically the same scoring stats as Wayne Simmonds. A lot to be excited about.
  20. Domingue definitely was capable of letting in 5 and losing this game. I think his forum nickname should be Cinco, after his favorite number of goals to give up. In other news, 4 minutes of excitement got the job done, it was like the 9th grade all over again lol.
  21. I think that makes him a minus 98 for the year lol.
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