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  1. Also, the guy has 0.11 points per game over 35 games, I don’t think anyone should be tagging about his “finish” based on that sample.
  2. The comparison was the way people on this board put their lips on his a$$, not their play.
  3. I don’t think Zacha’s job is safe. But it’s safe from McLeod.
  4. People on this board love Boqvist. I don’t see it so far. It’s like when I used to say how Jacob Josefson was awful and everyone said he wasn’t. Or when Zacha was sh!tting the bed and getting demoted to the AHL, but people kept saying he was the best player on the ice. Why McLeod doesn’t get the same treatment, I don’t know. And before everyone gets all worked up, I’m not saying Boqvist is a bust, yes he is young, yes he could develop into something. But he hasn’t shown me much of anything thus far.
  5. Yeah, he’s worth more than that.
  6. I kind of consider myself off the chain...
  7. Dude named Johnsson means endless meme opportunities. I’m in!!
  8. Hall knew the money was available and that he could lock in and not have to worry about “what if’s”. Granted, this isn’t the what if he was anticipating... He didn’t want to be here.
  9. Isn’t Nutivaara a chocolate-hazelnut spread??
  10. Looking at that, it becomes pretty evident we don’t have any 1D. Who is still available as a free agent/who does Vegas etc. have that they need to unload for salary cap purposes?
  11. Goalie was a Devils fan, makes sense.
  12. Those threads are always funny later on. I read the Kovalchuk trade thread yesterday and it was funny watching people think Elias was included or the relief they experienced when we didn’t lose Matthias Tedenby lol.
  13. Thanks, that’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure. Basically an even swap salary wise but a huge upgrade, for two years. Worry about the $2m in each of the next 2 years later.
  14. I don’t think that’s accurate, I think you can only protect one goalie. Additionally, you are required to expose one who is under contract for 2021-22, so there’s why Crawford was signed for two years.
  15. Definitely this. But for sake of conversation, I don’t think we overpaid.
  16. When we sign Pietrangelo and Taylor Hall tomorrow, it’ll be even better lol.
  17. Also, guy was #11 in save percentage this season among guys with at least 30 games played. I’m not so sure we overpaid him. EDIT: If you take guys who played 40 or more games, he’s 6th in save percentage. Better than Blackwood, Varlamov and Samsonov. And WAY better than Fleury. I’m liking this signing.
  18. You’d definitely need someone new in a year if you didn’t give him 2 years. This way, maybe you do, maybe you don’t.
  19. Right, but what’s the difference??
  20. I don’t see this as an issue. There will be plenty of goalies available to Seattle and I’m not thinking he’d be the top of that list.
  21. Yeah, but who cares? You were going to protect Blackwood anyway, so the other guy has to be exposed, right? To me, this is a huge upgrade. Someone explain to my what Schneider’s cap hit will be for the next 2 years, please. I’d like to see what we are actually paying for having made this happen.
  22. Yeah, it’s kind of what we needed. Would’ve preferred Fleury, but I can roll with this.
  23. .917 save percentage last year. I’ll take that from a backup, a little luck and it’s .920.
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