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  1. If that’s the case, one of those other dudes will be, and that’s pretty good.
  2. Well, his protege is still in town, so...
  3. And, a Hall if Famer from outside the organization, so there’s no “what if we have to fire him” concern. Honestly I’m pretty excited the more I think about it. Successful as both a player and as a coach, that is a pretty good background.
  4. That’s a fair assessment.
  5. Yeah I missed that also. Having Googled it, I see posts from Saturday where it was mentioned. I see nothing saying Clemmensen is in. I vote for @SterioDesign if for no other reason than you know he would have a sick 80's Horror or BTF mask.
  6. Assistant Coach and Chief Scapegoat.
  7. That is a valid point, I think that’s a coach you keep. Nope, fire him immediately.
  8. They should've held a 3rd lottery to determine when the draft would be, followed by a 4th lottery to determine whether its live or virtual, and then if live, a 5th lottery to determine the city where it would be held followed by a 6th lottery to determine the venue. It also bears noting that should you believe in omens, good or bad, the draft is on my birthday.
  9. Exactly. At least look like you are trying. Keeping Gas and the other guys around doesn't give that impression. I would personally wipe the whole coaching staff clean and start over. It's time.
  10. I don't hate this. Although I should point out, he's certainly not going to be coaching the defense, so I am not sure that frees us of Nas. But it does demonstrate a willingness to change the coaching staff, which definitely bodes well for us.
  11. I want Jack Hughes, Quinn Hughes, and Jack Quinn all on the ice at the same time, because Dano.
  12. Me too. Plus I want to win the bracket, I have never even come this close before lol.
  13. Well now you have to root for the Islanders to win, hope you enjoy selling your soul for a win lol. At least the Lightning aren’t our local rivals!!
  14. Bracket challenge is down to who wins the East. If it’s the Lightning, I win. If the Islanders, it’ll be whoever Greg G is.
  15. I unfortunately need the Flyers to win and then lose to the Lightning, as that would be best for my positioning in the NJDevs bracket challenge.
  16. Yeah he’ll be the first guy to say that.
  17. Well that was obviously wrong.
  18. All I am saying is if he’s ranked that high already, also being NHL ready can only improve his chances of being drafted before we get to him.
  19. We have three first round picks, maybe it’s triplets?
  20. 0.77 PPG as an 18 year old. If he's low end, I don't know what Hughes is.
  21. If he’s the 2nd most NHL ready, that lowers the odds of him being available at 7, no?
  22. Draft @Devilsfan118’s baby with the #7 pick.
  23. I already deleted it.
  24. Yikes, is that where we are now???
  25. Both of Florida's fans are super excited about this.
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