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  1. It’s already been too long. Just let me believe it for a while lol.
  2. I’m just going to assume that “bang your mom” means something else in French and that is why we have arrived where we are.
  3. He’ll fit in there. Because his game is full of holes.
  4. Anyone with a pick higher than 18 or 20 that needs to dump salary? I’d trade up...
  5. I am pretty sure that can be said at some point about all NJDevs threads.
  6. Agreed, I can’t imagine we use all of the 1sts.
  7. Because you’d be riding your mom.
  8. That’s not what he said. He said that we are set at center. You think that we’re set at center? You’re also assuming that Hughes pans out. I know saying that makes people turn red, but he has to pan out for that to put us in a great position. I’ll emphasize, I think he will. But am I sold that he’s going to be a great center for 10 years? Not yet.
  9. Yes, and Zacha at 3 and McLeod at 4 doesn't scream "all set" to me.
  10. I like that its a movie where a weirdo "scientist" built a time machine into a DeLorean, but the size of the book and its font are the things you don't believe are possible.
  11. Not sure I would say we are set at center. Hopefully we have 1 and 2 covered, #3 is on his way out, and #4 is Zacha.
  12. Just make sure you don't almost make out with your mom and ruin hockey forever.
  13. Wait, so are we in this position because of the past? Why the fvck don’t you go back and fix it, future boy, we have all seen you have all the sh!t you need to do that aside from plutonium and/or a bolt of lightning!
  14. Something tells me your efforts to organize things, while appreciated, will have the same result as trying to get ten 8-week old puppies to stand in a straight line.
  15. We're not doing that anymore lol.
  16. Lou: Built a team that dominated for a good amount of years, 3 Cups, etc. Always seemed to have a knack for bringing in undrafted guys that panned out pretty well (Rafalski, Madden, maybe even Andy Greene). Then it all turned into a pile of sh!t. Ray: Inherited said pile of sh!t and tried to mold it into a fine sculpture. Failed to do so. Fitz: Has to figure out a way to stuff a turd back into its butthole and pull out a diamond.
  17. If we aren't allowed to do unnecessary and counterproductive, you're taking away like 90% of my material!!
  18. I don't disagree, I don't think about Lou at all anymore. Or Ray, for that matter. If you aren't looking ahead, you're falling behind, or whatever that saying is.
  19. To be fair, that's not what happened. He was sarcastically referred to as a "visionary". You have to know that's going to get SD worked up.
  20. Sometimes you get what you ask for, I’m just sayin’.
  21. Something a lot of posters here don’t realize for sure. Some folks like to declare “I’m done with this”, then they keep poking and get upset when you bring it back up. Not saying that’s what happened here, but it does happen.
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