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  1. Personally, we could start anyone from this board in goal for a game andI’d be ok with it.
  2. 1) If he’s willing to re-sign, that problem is solved, and 2) I don’t know how you would know that, but even if it’s true, even with a big raise, he’s still making peanuts, giving your team a little life, and he’s a veteran presence plus alt captain material. I’d rather have all of that over crap plus a 3rd two years from now.
  3. Coleman has been a great player on a crap team. he has “overachieved” two years in a row now, when does that just become “achieving”? If we were to rebuild, have a good team, and have a guy like that on the 3rd line and PK, I would be on board with that.
  4. LGD Wearing my Hughes jersey again tonight in hopes he'll chip in a couple.
  5. Gotta do what we've gotta do at this point. To me, I wouldn't trade Coleman or Palmieri without a very good return. Those are two guys that give you 100% effort, lead the team in scoring, and provide a "veteran" presence, even though Coleman is a veteran by age only lol. Vatanen needs to go if he can't be re-signed, and I imagine that is the case.
  6. Speak for yourself!! Ok, you can speak for me too lol.
  7. Well other than literally being closer in that his team is in playoff position, anyway.
  8. Simmonds absolutely. I’d have a hard time doing it to Greene after al the time he’s put in here. Ultimately I probably would still do it but I would feel bad.
  9. Enough to win when he did that, sure. But I feel like we were well below 3.0 goals for most of that time, which is why I was confused lol.
  10. When could we score a lot?? I feel like we’ve been significantly below league average the entire time Cory has (had?) been here.
  11. I mean, I want to say it’s all related to his injuries, but maybe he did forget how to hockey lol.
  12. Right, but that’s always the case. In that instance, yeah, it was on the goalie. When the other team gets a 3 on 0 and our defense has hangs the goalie out to dry, they score, and people say “come on he has to make the save there”, not so much.
  13. He’s a second rate Jesper compared to #63. And 63 ain’t exactly been amazing.
  14. It was the defense and the goalie. When the goalie stands on his head, nobody cares that the defense allowed 46 and 37 shots in the last two games and counted on Blackwood to bail them out. If we lost both, it would’ve been “Blackwood needs to make those saves”, but for some reason not “the defense needs to stop letting the goalie get shelled”. All a matter of perspective.
  15. All we needed to do to dominate the NHL was bring up Joey Anderson.
  16. Two words for tonight. Jack Fvcking Hughes. Let’s see our boy get on the scoresheet a couple times and beat these giant a-holes. LGD
  17. That wouldn’t make sense, but it wouldn’t be the same. If they had a Joker Trivia Contest and the prize was Star Wars merch, even though they had access to Joker merch, that would bother me.
  18. I do not want this site to make me want to stab my eyes with a toothbrush. I’ll stick to the on ice play making me want to do that.
  19. Yes I got it. You asked if we want this place in the same category. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of people who prefer other social media platforms, and they are all more populated than this site. Don't get me wrong, I don’t think that’s a good thing.
  20. I’ve never tried, nor paid attention to the rules. Too busy getting upset that the player doesn’t match the jersey.
  21. Just making sure. I only break balls because I love you.
  22. Just a point of order, when I said that a few posts back in this thread, that was sarcasm/ a call back to people saying that. I wasn't being serious. It's hard to tell if you get humor sometimes, no offense my man.
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