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  1. I did the old "look up his stats to se if we should have been in on that" move, and jesus, I didn't realize he's been in the league that long and he's that old. Definitely not jealous.
  2. Then I definitely hope he isn't calling Florida.
  3. Agreed. Let's make sure lol.
  4. Well there is no question he has exceeded the expectations based on his draft position. Guys in the 6th round fail to even make the NHL, he did it a year after he was drafted.
  5. Another guy we here I’m just waiting to see him have “his year”. Yes, he is young, still developing, etc. I just want to see things go his way.
  6. Anything relating to girlfriends has to be left to our resident relationship analogy expert.
  7. My favorite part about him was at a game last year when he got high sticked and the guy in front of me jumped up and yelled “Take that you pizza buffet motherfvcker”. Excellent wordplay.
  8. If we can get a proper #2, I can’t imagine Blackwood is going to play more than 55ish games this upcoming season. I don’t think they’re looking to overwork him. I’d love to see them go out and get Markstrom, but I suspect he will be looking for a true #1 spot and can probably find that. I am just very anxious to see Lundqvist get signed by the Capitals to get that nightmare scenario out of my head. How the fvck would I be able to root for that guy after all of these years of hate?? Fortunately, I think he’ll be Cup chasing rather than just looking to stay close to NY.
  9. Well stated, and also, assures us of making the cap floor when we fail to utilize our cap space again. Maybe the dude has a great year and we bring him back. Maybe we don’t. If all that I get out of this is not having to watch Mueller for another season, $4.6m well spent.
  10. That would probably be a good idea.
  11. So does his last name. At all times.
  12. Please do NOT say anything like that until we have Cory’s spot filled by someone other than KK...
  13. Yes. 27 years old, makes very little money, fills a spot on defense vacated by Mueller, and only cost a 5th. I like it.
  14. Sure, on this team he is among the 6 best forwards, I can roll with that.
  15. Blocks a ton of shots and probably comes cheap. Given that we have fvck all to play defense, I’d give him a season.
  16. He played 60 games. You can say it was the END of the season, but still, he played 3/4 of a season worth of games. I’m not sure I’m ready to say a guy who has twice run out of gas and the third season was shortened is “obviously top 6”. But like I said, he has potential. Or, did you mean obviously top 6 on THIS team? That I would agree with, not that it’s saying much. And no, the broken jaw doesn’t mean he is injury prone. Accident prone, perhaps. Bad fvcking luck especially when it’s right before we played a game in his home country.
  17. If we are so close to the cap that $2m makes a difference, things went extremely well.
  18. I think I like those signings.
  19. Yeah, I have a hard time calling a guy “obviously top 6” when he can’t make it through a season. Top 6 potential if he could stay in the lineup and not hit the wall year after year? Definitely.
  20. Every team has one. For some teams, it’s up to the. Anyone under the cap Is that way for a reason. The stupid part is announcing it. It sounds like is “we don’t actually want to compete”.
  21. Can we get the other Subban and see if SD’s head explodes?
  22. Higher end young guy, I would love that. But if Blackwood is to be “the guy”, maybe a veteran presence is better. All depends on who you can get. I’m very interested to see what Fitz has up his sleeve.
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