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  1. Honestly, the way he’s played, I thought someone already paid him off.
  2. Well, now we have a gaping hole at the #2 goalie spot. Well, a different gaping hole anyway.
  3. Thanks Cory, and best of luck to you.
  4. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Plus this.
  5. How do we know that Nico is a "good leader"? To some extent I feel like we could never know who is, because we don't see what happens behind the scene. I know everyone expects Nico to be the next captain, but I'm not quite sure what he has done to elevate himself above anyone else in that regard. EDIT: And for once I'm not being snarky, I would actually like to hear an answer if there is one I am unaware of.
  6. No sh!t. https://emojipedia.org/winking-face/
  7. Plus he belongs in the OHL anyway.
  8. Let's sign Vesey and then immediately trade him to Buffalo just for the lolz.
  9. How about also to maintain distance, they don’t play hockey and the champion is determined by a cornhole tournament?
  10. I was thinking of Gunnarwolfe Mukhamadullin.
  11. 10,000%. It’s so unfair that my name is so boring while there are people named Gunnarwolfe Fontaine out there.
  12. Could be a sloppy, rushed version of Jim McKenzie?
  13. No kidding, he was like a magician...
  14. Looks like a nice place to hang out. Not sure I could live there but I could spend some time.
  15. Comparing to the many signed items on eBay, it doesn’t match Arnott. Not Jay Pandolfo or John Madden. Might be wishful thinking to say you see a J in that mess, actually.
  16. I didn’t say it was. I specifically said I didn’t know about that at all. All I know is, no team he has been on has wanted to retain him. So I would be hesitant to run out and sign him. The fact that he thinks he is worth more than the team offered doesn’t bother me. That’s literally how you negotiate a contract. You don’t just accept whatever the team offers. Maybe it’ll it’s $12m a year you do, but even those contracts are negotiated, teams don’t just cough up the money.
  17. I don’t know about the Canadian media racist issues, but this guy can’t stick anywhere, that makes me worried.
  18. High scoring Center for his high school team, headed for UConn. I guess if he ever plays for us, not a bad use for a 5th. Led his HS team in scoring last year 26G, 52A in 46 games. Previous year was 90 points in 56 games, second on the team to first rounder Brandon Brisson. How many time outs do they get? Last night Toronto ran out of time and they were just like "ok, you have to pick or call a time out". Running out of time meant absolutely nothing.
  19. If its a 5th rounder thats involved, will it be of any significance if they did?
  20. We are on the clock again...here's hoping for Takkener Panzov.
  21. I feel like they weren't going to give up an 18 year old #4 overall pick that they just selected for a little more than half a year of Taylor Hall rental. Unless you thew in our first this year, which at that point was a lottery pick and could have been the #1 overall pick. Is there any precedent for a team giving up their most recent top 5 first round draft pick for a rental player?
  22. Scramble all of those letters together and you have our 20th overall pick...
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