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  1. Wait I think that's the guy we took 20th overall... This sounds like something stage actors repeat over and over to warm up their voice.
  2. I'd rather have him in there right now over Cory Schneider. Not that that would be a good idea for his development, but I'm just sayin'.
  3. I was hoping for Jormamasaa Dikklikker.
  4. Jaromir Pytlik. That's a name. 50 points in 56 OHL games last season.
  5. #1 ranked North American goalie sounds good.
  6. Hopefully the fact that he is 6'4" is not the best that can be said about him.
  7. He could be worth drafting...with a stroke or two of luck he could be a good player.
  8. I was hoping we would take Vilie Jyrkymov, seems like a solid choice.
  9. Maybe we need a separate thread for things that should literally never be said again.
  10. Yes, let's literally never write down those 6 names ever again unless it is absolutely necessary.
  11. Literally anyone could, so I'm not sure it matters lol. And yeah, that lineup is just plain bad. If we are looking at free agents, D-men might be a smart play.
  12. In any event, he should be saying it himself now, no?
  13. His head is kind of shaped like the profile of a loaf of bread. So this makes sense.
  14. Here's the article I read. https://vegashockeynow.com/2020/09/15/marc-andre-fleury-must-submit-10-team-no-trade-list-nhl-trade-rumors/
  15. It's not his fault, you try hauling around that enormous head on the ice for a few games, see how you do!!
  16. I didn't say we couldn't, I was asking for what you were proposing. I agree with it. According to CapFriendly, he has a Modified NTC. I read elsewhere he has a list of 10 teams he cannot be traded to. Odds on favorite that NJ is on that list.
  17. Can't say I don't like that, Hayden and Mueller can go elsewhere.
  18. And then you do what with Schneider? Binghamton? Buyout?
  19. You are 100% wrong and here's why...
  20. Except Fitz already said neither Holtz nor Mercer will be invited to camp this year.
  21. The real winner here was Ottawa getting Alex Trebek to announce their pick Jeopardy style.
  22. But I’ve seen a few guys who didn’t put on a jersey.
  23. Sakic looks like he’s been drinking since 7pm.
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