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  1. The idea of picking a 'sure thing' just isn't borne out by previous drafts.  The most likely NHLers are the ones that score more.  Way too often teams have taken 'safe' picks and they have ended up not very safe.  There's not much to suggest Matteau will be anything much better than he is right now which is a 3rd liner/4th liner/borderline NHL player.  That said, the 2012 draft is pretty awful and I feel pretty confident that Matteau is totally defensible as BPA.  For as mediocre as Stef has been, there's not a ton of forwards who have outperformed him.



    Not even remotely true.


    Do you think he has the size to play center in the NHL?

  2. I'll always be resentful about Matteau because there was no reason for us to keep the pick that year. Who would we have drafted last year had we not lost the pick? Nylander? Ehlers?


    Nylander is a risky pick, he has a much higher chance of busting. 

  3. And why exactly do you believe that about Matteau? Not because I disagree at all, just curious to read your opinion about him.


    Strong along the boards, can skate, good hands around the net. He will like never be a first line player, but he will play over 1000 games in the NHL. 

  4. I suggest you use the search feature to review the actual critiques made on the owners.  I am not going to derail this thread again with this troll comment.


    People love to push their narratives.


    In time I hope you and I are proven wrong, because I want this team to be a winner again.

  5. +1


    Not to derail - but I think Beetlebum has a third account here that he uses to defend WD'A.  Because there was always some random person that used to step up to bat for him whenever people called him out.


    I, for one, wouldn't mind some slightly more aggressive moderating.  But, DM and MSweet have a formula here that clearly works (worked?) so what do I know.


    Do I? Why don't you tell everyone the account. 

  6. He's been banned before. Multiple times for weekly suspensions and then a permanent ban. Now he shows up again, makes a mockery of the admins and admits that he just made a new account, and bugs the sh!t out of everyone. Again.

    You mods want to know why everyone is leaving this place? The trolls that you took months to kick off, Beetlebum and LD, have created new accounts and are doing the same sh!t. It's infuriating to read, most of the time. We understand their "opinions", but they spew them in every thread to troll the boards.

    This place is on its last legs, I'm tellin ya. I'm not the only one who feels this way.


    Truths and lies spun together to fit your narrative.


    Beetlebum is not banned, if you doubt me ask DM.

  7. per Rich chere


    Coach John Hynes welcomes fans and explains rules for 3-on-3.


    man how sweet does this sound in NJ. Some kind of interaction with the fans before the season and it just sounds like everyone is going to enjoy this


    Who the fvck cares.


    I don't need to be coddled. 

  8. I'll say this for Shero, he did make some pretty bold and good trades in Pittsburgh, the Staal and Hossa trades being the ones that come to mind. The problem here is that unless we have a flukey season where the Devils are in the playoff picture at the deadline, he can't trade first round picks, and doesn't have any coveted veterans that other teams would be willing to part with a first round pick or a good prospect for.

    I'll also add that while its a year away and most of them should end up with long term deals before July 1, there is an amazing group of players in the last year of their deals, and there won't be many teams that will have the cap space that the Devils have and without having to worry about setting aside huge bucks for players about to finish their ELCs or bridge contracts. He tried to land Parise in Pittsburgh and made a shrewd UFA singing with Martin.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


    Wasn't Martin a disappointment in Pittsburgh?

  9. Then why isn't he a head coach?  Right, the big Penguinization of our once great organization.  :rolleyes: 

    William asisde, this is an awesome article.  I love every single one of those quotes by Souray, a lot of little gems in that article from our history.  

    This is exactly how I imagined Stevens, Lou, and Dano to be.  


    Needs experience, but he is already a leader of men.

  10. Your use of hyperbole is terrific.  A meddling owner is an owner who gets involved in the day to day operations of the franchise.  That's not what's going on here at all.  Harris and Blitzer have said it - their job is to hire the people who run the franchise both from the business and hockey ends, and they feel that they've done that.


    I'm happy you appreciate it.


    Serious question, would you have hired Shero, and do you think he was Lou's hand picked successor?

    I never saw him as someone who respects the Penguin organization, and I find it surprising he didn't pluck someone from the Kings or Sharks organization, as  Wilson and Dean are two Lou acolytes.  

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