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  1. Those are all accounts I created.
  2. MacLellan wasn't the GM in Washington when Forberg was traded. McPhee was.
  3. Apparently you don't follow the Bruins. Seguin was traded away because his behavior on and off the ice rubbed some of the older players the wrong way. Cap space had nothing to do with it.
  4. Fayne was a mistake. Wasn't Ryder a response to losing Parise? Havlat and Bobby Butler were 1 year deals that did not impact the Devils in anyway. They were shrewd signings, that if they worked, it would have been a tremendous coup for the Devils. I looked at the results, and I like what I am seeing. Elite Goalie signed for the next 6 years, a cupboard full of great young defenseman, and a number of early picks in the upcoming draft. 2/3 of the team is set for the long term, but you continue to ignore that.
  5. Again with Parise. Lou tried to sign him. As for Clarkson, the Devils were tied for 8th when the deadline came and went. You don't sell when you are in that position, especially when you have one of the best left wingers in the game coming back, and you were a finalist the year before. I hope you stick around when the Devils reascend to dominance with Lou at the helm.
  6. Blues over Wild in 6 Blackhawks over Preds in 7 Winnipeg over Ducks in 6 Flames over Canucks in 7 Habs over Ottawa in 7 Tampa over Detroit in 5 Rangers over Pens in 5 Washington over Islanders in 7 Chicago over St. Louis Winnipeg over Calgary Habs over Tampa Rangers over Caps Blackhawks over Jets Habs over Rangers Blackhawks over Habs
  7. Chiareilli is so smart that he traded Tyler Sequin away. When has Lou ever lost a trade?
  8. Lou was the league standard for 2 decades, while Chiarelli was a good gm for about 4 to 5 years. There is a huge difference.
  9. Trading those players were the Bruins looking for a short term fix.
  10. Dude traded Wheeler, Kessel, and Seguin.
  11. In my opinion, Kujawinski is the much more exciting prospect.
  12. I wouldn't trade the 6th pick if Marner is still on the board.
  13. Yes you do. Drafting for position is a recipe for disaster. If the Devils draft Hanifin, they can trade away one of their other young dmen for an impact forward, or flip Hanifin at a later date.
  14. You would run this team into the ground, just like your father and the Canucks booster club did!
  15. Ryane Clowe for Semin with cash retained is a deal we can make. Merrill, Larsson, Gelinas, or Severson could be traded. Phil Kessel is going to get traded for a large discount considering the uncertainty surrounding him. The Devils can certain be players in that whole saga.
  16. We should take a trip down memory lane. Two main talking points for most of the last decade A. Marty is getting old, what are we going to do? - Trades for Cory and he re-signs him before he gets to free agency. B. Our defense is abysmal, the team can't make an outlet pass to save its life. - Lou skews heavily towards drafting defenseman, and replenishes our cupboard. Lou will get us forwards this offseason through the draft and shrewd trades.
  17. Lou will deliver, he always has.
  18. All you go on about is Zach Parise over and over again. You don't give a player coming off a major knee injury a longterm contract, nor do you trade a pending UFA when you are one of the best teams in the league during the 2nd half.
  19. What are his methods, and how is he not adjusting?
  20. How did those moves set back the organization in any way? What is wrong with Lou's influence? Explain further, and if your answer is that he missed the playoffs the last 3 years, I will rightly laugh at you.
  21. Kovy's contract was not a mistake nor was Clowe's. Kovy left before he declined and Clowe is on LTIR.
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