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  1. Do you though? I have seen no evidence that Pete DeBoer has lost team. The Devils are having more breakdowns than last year, but that is to be expected considering the make up of the d core. There are two scenarios when it comes to you. Scenario A - you are at best 21 years old, and can only remember the golden years where the Devils were perennial challengers. Or Scenario B - you never played the sport, and as a result have no idea what you are talking about. Considering the utter rubbish you spout it is like a combination of both.
  2. Unlike the rest of the board, I believe we are really close to being a topflight team. The Devils have real offensive depth, and as a result they can score consistently. The defensive mistakes thus far are to be expected. Everyone called for the kids for 2+ years, and now you have have the reality of the situation. The one encouraging aspect of this is that they should in theory get better. Pete DeBoer's system is fine, and though he has flaws as a coach, he is not the reason we lost this game. Cory needs to be a lot more consistent as our young dmen are going to make gaffs. On another note, I was really impressed with YaYo tonight. I am seeing flashes of the player from 2 to 3 years again. If he finally winds up developing the Devils will have center depth that rivals the NHL's elite teams. Please show patience.
  3. That cup appearance was horrible Do you even know what that means?
  4. Mike, like i sad earlier the Jets as they are currently put together are not going anywhere. Are you telling me they are going to turn down a potential first pairing dman, a 1st round pick, and young power forward for wheeler and an expiring contract. I would be shocked if they said no to that package.
  5. A lot of you haven't seen Blake Wheeler play.
  6. Obviously it is a small sample size, but the Jets are likely not going anywhere this year. We give them a d man with a great deal of potential, a young power forward in Matteau, a veteran scoring forward to keep them competitive, and a 1st round pick in extremely deep draft.
  7. Blake Wheeler is an elite power forward, and Michael Frolik is a very good penalty killer with a decent scoring touch who can skate.
  8. Larsson, Ryder, Matteau, and our 1st for + Wheeler, Frolik, and their 2nd. Lines Wheeler Zajac Jagr Cammy Elias Havlat Clowe Henrique Frolik Ruutu Zubrus Brunner
  9. Gionta was at fault for Ryan's goal?
  10. Gelinas played well tonight and so did Ruutu.
  11. But guys we are old, and we played the night before....
  12. because this team is jam packed with talent.
  13. DeBoer caused them to lose? News to me.
  14. When did you want the defensive rebuild to start, they were in the cup finals just two years ago.
  15. Would you say Dustin Brown is one of the better players on the Kings?
  16. Deboer is one of the best tacticians in the league, he won't be fired.
  17. The hate he is receiving is a bit overboard, the main issue as it relates to the PK is that Greene is playing on the wrong side of the ice. This won't be fixed until the coaching staff feels it can trust our young dmen with major minutes on the PK. What do you want to do with Salvador? Trade him, bench him, or cut him. Do you not remember the blowback when Pandolfo was notified via text he wasn't playing, and the chaos that caused. A lot of people here have short memories, or are immune to the facts at hand. He is the captain of the team for this year, and as a result he will play. Should his minutes be adjusted? Absolutely, but that won't occur until our young dmen are comfortable enough to take on a bigger role within our PK structure. The last thing you want to do is overload someone like Severson.
  18. Another thread that exhibits how lost the majority of fans are on this forum. Should there be a correlation between skill and one receiving the captaincy? Yes. Should it be the cause? No Over the past 25 years look at the winners of the Cup, I can think of 2 to 3 instances where the most skilled player was the captain of the team.
  19. one of the best tacticians in the league and our enlightened fan-base wants to remove him.
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