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  1. I don't care about the lack of rock n roll part 2. My main grievance with him is that he is part of a management team that has jacked ticket prices up.
  2. The fact that this guy has any power within the organization is laughable.
  3. I would trade Larsson for Jason Demers and the Sharks 1st rounder.
  4. Figured I'd pass on some interesting info. A friend of mine met Larsson and Josefson at a bar in Hoboken this past week. Both said Deboer just doesn't like them and is the reason they don't play. Larsson said he's leaving. I asked my friend what he meant by that, but Larsson never elaborated in his conversation with him. My friend thought Larsson was a bit strange, but said Josefson was really nice to talk to. He said Tedenby loves where he's playing and has no plans to come back. Josefson said he's not sure what he plans on doing, but would like to be in the NHL. via hfboards
  5. Has Demers fallen out of favor in San Jose? I have always been a fan of his play, and he was a key cog on San Jose's penalty kill last year. Salvador + for him?
  6. Yak, is a Muslim, he will never have the same cultural cachet in Russia that Kovy does.
  7. The issue is that Gelinas equals Larsson's best aspects and surpasses them.
  8. Are you aware of the world kids live in today?
  9. This Beetlebum guy was onto something.
  10. His attitude is wrong, and that concerns me even more than skating. I will give you an example, I handed in a draft of my thesis last year that was sh!t, and my professor chewed me out on it. I didn't just go woe is me, I addressed his grievances, and returned with a better product two weeks, and continually sought ways to improve it prior to publication. I haven't seen that from him, I have never read a tweet from TG that Larsson is the first one on the ice and the last one off of it. It is time to cut our losses.
  11. As many of you know, I was one of the few people that was brave enough to say he should be traded, and this was over 2 years. Triumph's description of him is spot on, he hasn't developed in any facet since he has been here.
  12. Devils Trade - Damien Brunner and Adam Larsson Sharks Trade - Hertl and Jason Demers
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