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  1. Satire of American grunge. The album Song 2 appears on is very much indebted to low fi indie of the 1990's.
  2. The Sabers have insane tv ratings, the Devils at this point do not.
  3. Someone needs to print out a big version of that and unfurl it at the game.
  4. Devils 2nd https://twitter.com/THNRonnieShuker/status/516632120400158720
  5. Cammy Zajac Jagr Henrique Elias Havlat Clowe Gomez Ryder Zubrus Carter Ruutu Merrill Greene Larsson Gelinas Zidlicky Salvador
  6. Position was originally going to Gomez, but he wanted to give playing another shot.
  7. Dat's a yuge deal, okay. Back after dis.
  8. I'm surprised Lou finds 13 unlucky considering he is an italian american.
  9. I wouldn't say Ysebaert was disappointing, he was dealt too soon if anything.
  10. How do you fire Lou after he rebuilt the team in the mold of our pseudo dynasty? Goaltending - Check Incredibly Deep D Pool - Check Offense - INC
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