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  1. A cult of personality built around Lou would be amazing. Replace Stalin with Lou, the children with Devils players.
  2. Not a fan of Hugh Weber, he is trying to build a cult of personality similar to Stalin.
  3. http://rangersunlimited.com/2014/07/11/devils-present-formidable-threat-to-2014-15-rangers/
  4. I would not be adverse to offering the Leafs Larsson and Matteau for JVR. I have a feeling Scarlett is ready to make the jump and would do very well for us this year.
  5. From a playing style, sure. By all accounts Kovalchuk was a good teammate. Lou will never acquire Kane.
  6. Kane is the antithesis of everything the Devils believe in.
  7. Yeah well dude thats just your opinion man
  8. Bring it up with DM and get back to me.
  9. Praha had to suspend operations this year.
  10. Something very important everyone needs to realize. If you guys remember Gaborik had a lot of groin issues and surgeries along with pelvic issues. Once he had surgery on his pelvic region, Gaborik no longer suffered from his groin problems. I would not be surprised if Havlat suffered from a similar issue.
  11. Our top 4 lines Hemsky Zajac Jagr Henrique Elias Brunner Clowe Zubrus Ruutu Carter Josefson Halischuck Would also sign Del Zotto just incase we decide to flip Gelinas at a later date.
  12. If anyone is around we could always do a google + hangout
  13. Lou and Conte are the experts not us! Frankly, I do not want them to be pressured by our fan-base, so more power to them.
  14. Hopefully a Sykoraesque deal is in the works.
  15. every dollar you bet you get 75 back. world cup had some good bets - italy at 25 to 1 and dzeko as top scorer was 48 to 1 if i recall
  16. I would have hired someone with a stats background, but whatever. Masters in music, what?
  17. I take that as a good sign since the media lounge is open to people only with press credentials.
  18. The NHL Mayor is a sirius xm host, he is a legit dude.
  19. https://twitter.com/mayorNHL The Mayor John Hoven @mayorNHL · 6h Wait... Kovalchuk is in talks to come back to the #NHLdevils ...weird news tonight
  20. There are two factors we need to remember. First, the geo-political situation is vastly different to when Kovy signed, this could very well be impacting his decision making process. Second, Lou let him leave. I was always under the opinion that something was prearranged between both parties.
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