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  1. I always believed there was a conspiracy afoot. The next few weeks should be interesting.
  2. Devils Receive - Blake Wheeler and Michael Frolik Jets Receive - Eric Gelinas, Brunner, Matteau, and this years draft pick following the selection Wheeler Zajac Jagr Henrique Elias Boucher Ruutu Josefson Frolik Clowe Zubrus Carter http://kuklaskorner.com/hockey/comments/shake-up-the-winnipeg-jets?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Fayne's advanced stats are great, he is one of the best of getting the puck out of the zone. There is no way he is not a Devil.
  4. I'm all for acquiring a young player, but we have to target the right type. The Yak's of the world simply do not interest me. JVR, Blake Wheeler, Lucic are who we need and if we cannot get a player of that caliber we should standpat and wait. Settling would be the worst thing we can do at this time.
  5. Because Toronto's D is terrible, and I would deal Andy Greene in an effort to get him.
  6. Yeah, thats not how it works.
  7. Shanahan Gretzky Bossy Robinson Niedermayer Brodeur https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BowNL0fCMAAyBeW.jpg
  8. a jagr quote via a czech user on hfboards : "we had very good team in NJD. we should play in play off this season so next season with one or two changes we can even go further in play off. we also had perfect coach"
  9. via Roman Jedlicka (not affiliated with Hot Stove)
  10. I blame Stevens for what happened in 97, the lack of response from the Devils following the crosscheck to Gilmour was horrible. I think if we had Claude we win the cup that year and don't miss in 96.
  11. There is no way he is just given the reigns you should know better the Devils do not operate that way. In my opinion, he would make great GM he has a tremendous amount of hockey acumen.
  12. Lou Lamoriello said Pete DeBoer is under contract for next season and will be back next season. via fire and ice, does everyone know what that is?
  13. I have meaningful conversations with triumph, lazer, hoi, and others on a daily basis. Have some pretzels sit back and relax.
  14. Nope, the majority of you are spoiled, the same goes for the posters at hfboards. The fact that a sizable minority wants to fire Lou and Pete DeBoer shows how clueless this fan-base is. Lou has managed to rebuild the team from the net out again, which is how the Devils dominated the league for nearly 20 years, but hey lets fire him because we've had a rough stretch. There is no way he knew Kovy would retire and Parise would leave. As for DeBoer our best player is 42 years old, and despite that the Devils were in position for a playoff spot up until this week. If the Devils had the Avs record in 1 goal games the Devils would have 104 points going into today's game. The system works and the players will come.
  15. Didn't see the need as I live in America and watch hockey, yet I am somehow very familiar with not only the term and its connection with the CBC.
  16. Doesn't surprise me the majority of people on this forum don't have a clue. From the anti-Deboer crowd to those that blame Brodeur for missing the playoffs despite the Devils having a better record with him in net.
  17. Being re-signed. via hotstove
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