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  1. It is. The only reason they are on the 3rd line is because the Devils acquire two new players JVR and Stastny. The former is on the cusp of being a top 10 player.
  2. How is this going to bite Lou in the future? Ruutu is gone after next year, Brunner's salary comes off the books as well, Jagr may retire after next season and Elias' contract is not longterm either. So Clowe has zero speed yet you want to play in the top 6, I love your logic. I have an additional question to ask you would you play Boucher in the top 6 or on the 4th line?
  3. I love how Stastny and JVR are just left out.
  4. Just because a player is paid a certain amount of cash does that mean he deserves that role. Clowe is best served a 3rd line forward despite what his cap hit is. The Idea that the Devils do not have any first or second line depth as that roster is constructed is ludicrous. Jagr, Zajac, JVR, Henrique, Stastny, and Brunner aren't top 6 players? James Van Riemsdyk is an amazing talent who would fit the Devils system like a glove.
  5. So the scope of your argument changes, It is called having depth. Would you rather Ryane Clowe be a top 6 forward, or like Clarkson during our successful run to the finals play a complimentary role as a 3rd line forward with power play duty? Answer seems pretty apparent to me. Also Ruutu's cap hit is gone after next year, so your fears of a 12 million dollar 3rd line are not long term, but are called for in an effort to give the likes of Reid Boucher more time to develop. Frankly it is idiotic that you poo-poo what could be one of the deepest rosters in the East because the 3rd line cost 12 million dollars. Do you realize the matchup advantages the Devils would have against 95 percent of the league?
  6. If you think Bryce Salvador, is the ruination of the Devils you need to watch more hockey. Play with capgeek that roster would have the Devils under the cap by 8 million dollars.
  7. They could get JVR, and they should target him. The Leafs give up 40 + shots a game, and Andy Greene is on a sweetheart of a deal. Offer him and Matteau and see if the Leafs bite. They need d-help. As for the 3rd line costing 12 million a year, what does that have to do with anything? Disagree Lazer, Elias improved as the season went on. Have some pretzels.
  8. The Devils need to target JVR. Andy Greene should be offered as bait, the Devils have enough structure to overcome his loss, in concert with the caliber of d prospects they have. Greene and Matteau for JVR and a 2nd. With that trade Zajac becomes Zajac again, and when Jagr eventually he retires (assuming he will re-sign) Henrique can slide in and take his place on the top line. It would give the Devils a formidable young first line core, and free up space for the young dmen. Ideally i'd like to see this next year. JVR Zajac Jagr Henrique Stastny Brunner Clowe Elias Ruutu Carter Josefson Zubrus Merrill Fayne Larsson Gelinas Zids Volch
  9. Just because Marty isn't as athletically gifted as he once was, does not mean his opinion should count for less. Brain trust in the Devils locker room is Elias, Marty, and Jagr to a lesser degree. If all 3 of them feel this way it is a pretty damning assessment.
  10. How about the one before that Sneak, did he play an integral role in that one?
  11. Somebody is taking the "piss" somewhere.
  12. Take a look at Sykora's stats from that year and then edit that statement.
  13. I'm not impressed with him and frankly I do not want the Devils to re-sign him. He never makes a big save at the right time.
  14. Bobbilly45, have you been to Brooklyn lately? It is the perfect hockey market.
  15. I'd rather have a player that fits the Devils system rather than a player who can score goals. If you can get both that is ideal, but give me the guy who is geared toward playing our style rather than someone like Michael Ryder.
  16. Love the deal, and I am convinced we are going hard for Vanek. Merrill missing from the optional raises some eyebrows in my world. Remember when Teddy didn't practice his rookie year and the ribbing he received. Devils rookies are always at optionals.
  17. The Fire Lou crowd are a bunch of "mooks". If Schenider is re-signed this summer or next the Devils are set for 10+ years with their defense and goaltending. As for the forward position Myles Bell, Matteau, and Boucher look like good young players. Are they top line players? Maybe Boucher, but even so players like that can be supplemented through free agency as the Devils will have cap flexibility due to the youth on the back end. As for the DeBoer haters he has done a terrific job this year, and I was someone who wanted him fired earlier in the season. For a team that lost their two best offensive players his system allows us to compete night in and night out. His personnel decisions are lacking, but coaches grow as they get older, and unless Jacques Lemaire is walking through that door it would be foolish to fire him for the likes of hair plugs.
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