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  1. @TSNRyanRishaug: Big interest in Frolik, met with 6 teams to this point, NJD among them.
  2. If Hanifin is there the Devils should select him and trade Merrill.
  3. Really surprised to see you say that, especially as a Giants fan.
  4. What competition does ROR go up against, is he playing against the other teams number 1 line and top d pairing?
  5. Quebec already filed. Vegas would be a disaster.
  6. I've been hyping Marner for months, the Devils have to take him, but they should keep him in the minors next year.
  7. Zubrus for Semin with 2 million retained
  8. A systematic deletion of our history is occurring, and we are becoming Penguins east. A franchise that has underachieved considering its talent level. I would have kept Lou, he has a plan, and the plan is working. Goalie situation is ideal Defense is blossoming, and potentially is going to get stronger through the draft Offense is a mess, but we aren't as devoid of talent as you think. I really do believe we are 2 top 6 forwards away from being a playoff team, and I think one of those forwards is Phil Kessel.
  9. Why would you buy out Zubrus, he has one year left on his deal. Not a prudent cap decision.
  10. Exactly Merrill and Gelinas can go.
  11. I'm not sure it is. If Hanifin is on the board, the Devils have to take him, as long as Marner is gone.
  12. Are you really comparing the Penguins to the greatest NHL franchise of all time? We echo similar sentiments on the Habs see here - http://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=134663&p=1320159
  13. You don't extirpate 20+ years of what works because of a bad patch. Especially since our downturn wasn't that awful sans this year.
  14. If those two forwards were of the caliber of Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuck, the Devils were two forwards away, yes. Does trading for Phil Kessel and possibly hitting a home run with this years draft pick get you there, maybe. Lou, took the ethos of the great Canadiens team of the 60's and 70's, and brought that style to NJ. It meant continuity, it meant keeping the old timers around in the front office or coaching, to exhibit not only the sacrifice these players made individually, but as a as a team. Now all of these individuals are being marginalized, some of whom are top 3 or top 20 players at their respective positions all time. That concerns me.
  15. We are turning into a Penguins, a franchise that has done nothing other than luck into two generation players. The majority of you have goggles on, oh we missed the playoffs 4 out the past 5 years, oh Shero is young, you guys are just as delusional as I am. Two years from now, when Shero is fired, and Harris and Blitzer, search for another GM we will have another former executive come in and attempt this same rebuild. And slowly, the memories of Brodeur, Stevens, Elias, and Lemieux will be replaced with more kid centric marketing and dollar dog nights. I'm not buying their bullsh!t though, I don't have blinders on, and I see what is happening. Anyone that COULD be loyal to Lou is being pushed out, anyone from the glory years is being marginalized. But hey Craig Adams as an assistant GM in a few years that sounds great!
  16. Another one bites the dust. This is starting to remind me of the Knicks post 2002 when a lot of former players were pushed out.
  17. 1.Lou overthrown in a coup 2. Marty nowhere to be found 3. Stevens no longer an assistant coach Our history is being eroded.
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