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  1. Not sure that Conte loves size. Devils have been known to draft smaller forwards.
  2. http://dkonpittsburghsports.com/2015/05/29/friday-insider-the-sad-story-of-penguins-saad/ Via hfboards
  3. Sounds like Housley is a myth wrapped inside a riddle. -got a lot of "pretty strong denials" of housley being the frontrunner for HC -sounds like coaching search will be resolved in next 24-48 hours -believes that hynes has gone pretty far down the way, with 1-2 (or possibly more) candidates in the mix as well, but feels that hynes will be part of it regardless
  4. Lundqvist's heart was cut out with a KNIFE tonight.
  5. Maybe 1994 will really last a lifetime.
  6. I agree, he was a great tactician when he had the horses to run his system.
  7. So rattled I would have to do something wrong to be banned, and as far as I know, having an opinion that is at odds with yours does not fall under that criteria.
  8. The more game 7's the Rangers have at home, the more likely they are to lose.
  9. Happy to see some of you are coming around to the idea of trading Cory.
  10. Kujawinski is going to be a player.
  11. As per club policy, no further terms were disclosed. Nice to see Lou's influence is still strong.
  12. I'm well aware, but that they were extremely fortunate that occurred. Selling the team and operating the team are two different things. Frankly, I put them in the former camp, as that what people from private equity do.
  13. You are spot on when it comes to this. I believe Lou even sent Burke to testify against the contact during the arbitration hearing. If I remember correctly, Larry Brooks was of the same opinion.
  14. If they were smart businessmen, they shouldn't have purchased a sports team. Outside of the NFL, it is difficult to break even or make money, which I assume is their main goal. If this was the non salary cap era, I wouldn't be all that concerned with their comments, but post lockout there seems to be a correlation with money spent and on ice success. And you can bring up Blackstone, I know about Blackstone, I own the MLP, they are the Goldman Sachs of private equity, but this is different. The team is within the world of finance still, but this is as much about the heart as it is the head.
  15. LOL people will not abandon the Yankees, Phillies, or Mets. You are insane!
  16. Caron's first language is French not English, he likely meant to type core.
  17. Bernier is one of the better bottom 6 forwards in the league.
  18. Boucher would be a great hire, he is committed to a defensive style of play, which is what still wins.
  19. Are you a mongo? I'll explain further. Yzerman was under Holland's tutelage, so his management and draft style is Detroit-centric. He then brought the Red Wing's ethos to the Lightning even though he was longer employed by him. This is similar to what Jacques Lemaire did when he came to the Devils. His coaching and tactics were Montreal-centric, even though he coached the Devils.
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