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  1. I'm the dummy, but you don't know what centric means. • forming an opinion or evaluation originating from a specified viewpoint:
  2. I'm with you, we have a Merrill already, he is Swedish and a much better player. Gelinas was a boom or bust selection, who still hasn't realized what his potential is or isn't.
  3. So called golden boys O'Neill and Weber failing yet again. What a disgrace this franchise is becoming. Lou being marginalized, Marty cast aside like an old dish towel, it is disgusting. People can bring up Yzerman moving to Tampa, but his development off the ice was Detroit centric.
  4. Sounds like Lou has reprogrammed him already, I like it.
  5. Work for a position of strength take Hannifin.
  6. Jim, where did you grow up in the Bronx? I am from Morris Park.
  7. I rock my Devils gear on the main line. I even met Josh Harris' personal chef at the Whole Foods in Devon.
  8. The Devils need to stick with BPA.
  9. I will be sure to top this when we have a cartoon Devil as our crest in a few years.
  10. http://deadspin.com/sixers-unveil-new-logos-1703900023?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  11. 15. Shero told a great story about his relationship with Lamoriello. “A few years ago, I was having a disagreement with Dean Lombardi over something,” Shero said. “We get along very well, but disagreed over this. To settle this, I said to him, ‘Why don’t I call Lou and see what he says and get back to you?’ We agreed on that. So I called (Lamoriello) and he said, ‘Based on the information you have given me, here’s what I think.’ He agreed with me, so I called Dean and told him Lou was on my side. That was the end of that.” What was it about? “I won’t tell you. You can ask Dean, but he won’t tell you either.” So far, that’s true.
  12. If the Caps win this series, they will win the cup.
  13. Reach outside the forum? I don't even know your name, boss. You spoke about going to school at RU, and you support their football team. Pretty ease to deduce at that point where you attend or attended college.
  14. A large portion of this board wanted change for the sake of change because they couldn't handle being middling for 3 years. If you look at Shero's record, it isn't too dissimilar from Lou's. We see someone who has overweighed stay at home dmen, has been successful drafting defensemen, has failed at drafting forwards, and has overpaid to keep some of his own players. The only advantage Shero had was that he could rely on two generational superstars.
  15. If the Devils are a playoff team in a year or two, it will be because of Lou, not the owners or Shero. Lou did everything within reason to try and replace Kovy and Parise. Unfortunately, the Devils were putrid in the shootout, and finally bottomed out this year. None the less, long term they are in terrific shape from the salary cap to our back end. I have a different opinion than yours. That doesn't make me clueless, it makes me a maverick, but that Rutgers education of yours does not provide you the necessary language to express yourself in a cogent analytical manner.
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