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    Looking to collect an autographed puck from every single Devils players who has hit the ice.

    Currently have over 50%

    Message me is you have any pucks you'd like to sell (looking especially for those players who have very little games in the NHL)

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  1. Thats someone of a good reason...but at the same time its a little puzzling.
  2. Check you PM inbox...thanks
  3. I think keeping Larson, Severson, Gelinas and Merrill paired with a vet would help them out more than if they pair any of them together. As an example I looked at a defensive pairing Toronto did a for a bit with Gardiner and Reiley, and it was fun to watch them with all their energy, however it came at a cost being their defense. NJ should look at keeping these guys separated for a few years till they mature a bit, and learn from a vet presence on the ice.
  4. Its surprising to see anyone being a healthy scratch in Edmonton, as they have a lack of vet defense to teach the young core they have. Fayne, is and was a 5-6 guy in my opinion.
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