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  1. Devilsfan118 is right, but this response is class. 


    As for your question: If you have something you have written that you want to share, you should post it as a new topic only if it calls for one. This was just more of a post that could have gone in the other Ruutu thread and/or the trade deadline thread. Not a big deal though.


    point taken, thanks for the heads up

  2. (Don't start a new thread to post links to your own personal blog.  It's awfully spammy)




    I'm sorry, I didn't know that was frowned upon. Will refrain from it going forward. Is there a section or spot on this site to post blogs?

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  3. I agree word for word everything you said.  He's gonna be a nice player for the Devils.  I'm already preparing the crow for everybody to eat.

    Haha. I'm excited for tomorrow's game and seeing who he plays with. Think he replaces zubrus with Travis and jagr?

  4. Welcome to the boards. :) Nice blog...waiting to see if that prediction of Marty being traded becomes true, my wife was reading something that had Marty and his family discussing the situation all through the break and was leaning towards staying in NJ. I'm lucky to be married to a hockey wife ;) she gets more info than me now! Sent from my SCH-I800 using Tapatalk 2


    That is a super-wife right there!

  5. I don't remember David Conte ever being reported at an NHL arena.  Young players at the game include Toffoli, Vey, and Ma. Granlund - I dunno, seems strange, maybe he's just in the area.scouting something else


    good point - would they really send Conte (who rarely is sent to games) to scout Mike Cammalleri? He has been in the league for quite some time, I dont think one game will alter and scouting report on him. Are the Kings a possible match for one of our young D for their young O?

  6. How's it going guys, just joined this site today. I am an active poster on HFboards as well under the username "Henriqueitsover" (great username, I know). Figured I would join this site site as well. I am 22 years old finishing up my senior year in college and I hope to share soem Devils experience with you all! I started a blog the other day dedicated to the NJD just for kicks. If anyone wants to check it out : www.njdplatoon.wordpress.com and twitter @NJDPlatoon. 



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