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  1. People were suspecting him of having a potentially long-term or even career ending injury (I think his back?)... I still wanted him badly. Figures he's off to a hot start.
  2. Hamilton is so good - he's so patient. Couple of our other guys need to learn that.
  3. Really nice effort by that line to draw the penalty. Would be nice tp capitalize here and at least get a little confidence back for next game.
  4. We just don't look ready. No poise at all. That last sequence was pretty bad.
  5. Me too. The guy is super underwhelming. Borderline 3rd liner it seems, at best.
  6. Jesus... PK looks to be playing pretty dirty. Is that not the same thing he got sort of in trouble for against Reaves? Forge the fact that it's a questionable hit, we absolutely did not need it right now.
  7. Yeah, I remember other people talking about issues last year. I didn't notice it much last year, but right now it's almost unwatchable/unlistenable. Pretty damn annoying - I just had to turn down the volume very low.
  8. Does the MSG feed sound like there's a weird buzzing noise in the background for anyone else? Sounds like an alien spaceship or laser beam. Just closed my feed and re-opened and still the same. Super odd. Glad it's not just me. Wtf is this.
  9. Dusting fvcking Tokarski. Living in FL, I remember when this guy was somewhat highly touted in Tampa. That was like TEN fvckING YEARS AGO. SCORE ON THIS MOTHER fvckER. GET SOME GODDAMN SHOTS.
  10. The defense is getting trapped a TON and the Sabres are able to use that stretch pass WAY too much. I mean c'mon, what is it gonna take for the coaching staff to correct that?
  11. That didn't seem that outrageous that the announcers made it seem to be. I mean, PK basically flubbed the shot and was being attacked from behind. No miracle there.
  12. He's still the PP coach? That's disappointing. Should've been fired last year.
  13. Our Powerplay (still) fvcking sucks.
  14. Whoops, you're absolutely right (Blackwood - Bernier - Wedgewood - Dawes) - that's what I meant.... 4th stringer in 4 games. That's pretty amazing when you think about it. I thought there was a slim chance any other team was possibly playing their 3rd stringer already in just 4 games.... no way in fvck they're playing their 4 string like us.
  15. I missed most of the first period. I was not pleased that we're down 1-0, though it could be worse....but based on the comments thus far it doesn't sound promising. I'm concerned about our goalie situation. Dawes (3rd string goalie) already in goal in the 4th game of the season. Wonder how many other teams have even come close to that (I would imagine most starters have played the majority of the games so far, maybe a few backups here and there, but unlikely any other 3rd string'ers.)
  16. How did Bernier get hurt? I missed that. Really hope we can beat these clowns...they owned us last year, and it'll be great to keep the wins coming. Let's Go Devils!
  17. I'm right in line with both of these posts - I think it's nice to be able to create a thread about a particular topic, even if it may not garner much attention or many responses, and allow people to comment and discuss as they wish. It creates a level or organization and, at least for the fairly specific topics (i.e. Jack Hughes sustains shoulder injury), the discussion stays on topic and won't devolve into something random like "Lou left the cupboard bare in 2015". In the end, I think it can and does come down to user discretion - I know it's a tall ask sometimes, but we should all be able to think for ourselves and use some logic in determining what does, and doesn't, deserve its own thread. In the end, if a few more threads than necessary do end up getting created, no big deal - they just end up falling to Page 2 or beyond and the ones that have the most activity rise to the top for people to see them.
  18. Damn, we are nasty. Love the hot start. Mercer is gonna be good.
  19. That also literally during the national anthem.... people could easily still be walking in during then or even during the first period.
  20. I can't believe no one picked the defender yet, especially now that we have Hamilton.
  21. Bolts were losing 6-3 with 10 min left in the 3rd after Bertuzzi scored 4 goals....and they won 7-6 in OT lol.
  22. fvck. I knew I would misspell someone's name. I'm ashamed it was his.
  23. A thread to have a little fun. We can start now with some predictions - they don't have to be bold, but if they are that makes it interesting - and as the season evolves make more predictions along the way. It can be Devils-related or not, feel free to make predictions about other teams/players as well. I have a few: Hughes tallies 60+ pts Hamilton scores 20 goals Blackwood has 7 shutouts Our PK finishes above 82%
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