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  1. $20 to this site if Stillman has fewer points than Bastian at the 48 game mark of his career. $10 if he eclipses it.
  2. Even more impressive. Honestly the interview he gave sounded like a 10-year veteran in the league, not a kid who isn't even technically an adult yet. Amazing, and I'm ecstatic to have him on the team. Haven't been this excited about a draft pick in a while.
  3. Oh. Well if that's the case, frankly I still feel the same way about it. If he's suggesting that we keep a guy like Bastian who isa "proven" 4th liner (lol, what?), in lieu of drafting a guy who may (or may not be) as good as a 4th liner...then I just don't know what to say. That's like, ultra conservative. How on Earth would you honestly expect to get any better as a team if that's your barometer/standard?
  4. How are you comparing drafting Hughes as a "role player", to losing Bastian in the expansion draft? They're literally two separate things that have nothing to do with each other. Not to mention the fact that... you're really that upset about losing Bastian? I liked him as a nice big body and grinder on the fourth line, but the fact is the dude is a fringe NHL player, at least for now. The only reason he saw so much ice time is because our team lacked depth and true starting talent. On any other team the guy will be struggling to make the lineup and could very well be finding himself back in the AHL before long.
  5. That 3:13 mark is funny. So happy for them and glad to see Jack is pumped. That's nothing but a good thing for them and the team. Also, Luke sounds smart as hell. For an 18yr old, the things he just described and how he painted himself as a hockey player....super aware and mature. All due respect to the great number 27, but this guy could very well be the next Scotty Nieds.
  6. I'm okay with this pick. I always liked Cory Stillman as a player - he was a great center and a good two-way forward. Insanely awesome at faceoff's and a pretty good penalty killer too. If his son is anything close to that, this should be a nice pick
  7. Not for nothing, and I respect the hell out of the fact that you're not only a diehard fan of the team in general, but also that you have a penchant for jerseys, but...who gives a sh!t? That's nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking. 99% of people wouldn't notice at all and it's just sh!tting on a cool thing for no reason.
  8. It is kind of neat indeed - the dude is his brother and it's not often that brothers get to play together or are drafted by the same team. I don't really see how people wouldn't get that.
  9. Yeah, I can be critical of a lot of things, but I don't see the harm in that one bit.
  10. I missed it, what did they do, have someone announce the pick in Jack's jersey? Why would that be embarrassing?
  11. I'll offer my 2 cents, which I think is going to be refreshing and I may be alone in my thoughts here, but personally I think Coleman should squeeze out every penny he can from his next deal. Guy has accomplished what he needs to, and being that he's approaching age 30, now is probably the best (and perhaps last) time for him to cash in on a sizeable and long-term deal.
  12. To be fair, that's 6 out of 31 teams, or almost 20% of the league. And the common denominator among that list is that all of those teams are competitive and win-now mode. For a guy like Landeskog who doesn't have a Cup to his name, and has come close recently but not won, it doesn't surprise me that that would be his list.
  13. Tampa's list is insane. So full of talent... Gourde, Coleman, Ruutta, Palat, Killorn, Colton, Johnson. If they're smart, they'll take Cal Foote.
  14. Yeah, I'm not surprised at all. On the one hand, he looks like a great solider and team player, waiving his no move clause to help out the team in a tough spot, and on the other hand he probably doesn't expect to get claimed due to his contract, and if he does, he probably wouldn't care - at this stage of his career why wouldn't he welcome the chance to play for a new team and try to win a Cup? Makes a ton of sense to me.
  15. "Comparative Analysis of Professional Hockey Training Methods in North America and Russia"? How profound.
  16. I don't necessarily disagree with the first two parts - in a perfect world severson would be on our second line, but I don't think it's the absolute worst idea to put him on the first if need be. Same thing with Smith, sure he's still young, and similar situation ideally he'd be on our second line, but the dude looks like an absolute stud so I have no problem with giving him a ton of minutes and letting him run with it. I'm not saying he's going to be the next Victor Hedman, but a guy like that wasn't exactly sheltered. They gave him a year or two of playing on the top line, and it took a while, as it does for most defenseman, but eventually he turned into a rock solid player. Smith isn't going to get better by playing against the other team's weakest forwards, and Subban certainly isn't going to shut them down either. Regarding, the last part, yeah you're absolutely right, and recent history would dictate that we've had a ton of players who ended like those guys, but again I'd much rather try these guys out and fast-track them so to speak, rather than slowly get them acclimated to the NHL only to find out that they're spare parts 5 years down the road instead of 2 or 3 years. Agree to disagree though - I suppose we'll see what happens in the next few weeks.
  17. A million percent agreed. A guy may log a lot of minutes; that doesn't mean that he's handling those minutes well or that someone else on the roster couldn't perform just as well, or better, with that same amount of minutes.
  18. I agree that someone like Siegenthaler, or any of the other young D-men on our roster for that matter, probably aren't as good as Subban is now, and maybe won't ever reach the level or talent that he was at his peak, but what is he really to us now, and in the future? I know people say he logs a lot of minutes...but you mean to tell me that for literally one season we couldn't give those minutes to some young guys? I just don't buy it, or see the harm in it. People are acting like the best defenders just immediately step on the ice as the best defenders. Sure, there are some guys out there who have done that, but in the majority of cases, d-men actually become great players by, you know, actually playing. If they log a ton of minutes and it's hard on them and they get burnt a bit, so what? That's part of the growing process.
  19. I'm perfectly fine giving more minutes to Smith and Severson. Hopefully Graves is decent. That only leaves 3 guys left to give minutes to who might not be ready for it, but frankly, I think our defense is so new/young that we just don't know if they're ready for it. Who cares if Bahl, Siegenthaler, or Jacobs aren't world-beaters? I'd rather them learn on the job and potentially at least try to get better, rather than have Subban out there earning 9M and watching his career decline in front of our eyes.
  20. Here's the correct/proper list (I think): Scott Stevens 11 Martin Brodeur 11 Claude Lemieux 11 Valeri Zelepukin 11 Stephane Richer 11 Tommy Albelin 10 Neal Broten 10 Sergei Brylin 10 Bobby Carpenter 10 Tom Chorske 10 Ken Daneyko 10 Bruce Driver 10 Bill Guerin 10 Bobby Holik 10 John MacLean 10 Randy McKay 10 Scott Niedermayer 10 Mike Peluso 10 Brian Rolston 10 Chris Terreri 10 Jim Dowd 9 Shawn Chambers 9 Kevin Dean 9 Danton Cole 8
  21. Hmm, you're right... more than 2 names. But I just copied the list from above mine, to format it. So....the names have been missing for a while lol. Wtf
  22. Ah damn, is it? I knew he had missed some time, but didn't know it was serious. Yup. A guy can dream though.
  23. I was hoping Tarasenko would want to come here. I'd take him - pure sniper who I think still have something left in the tank.
  24. I re-ordered the list to keep the leaders at the top. Claude Lemieux 11 Valeri Zelepukin 11 Stephane Richer 11 (+1) Bobby Carpenter 10 Tom Chorske 10 Ken Daneyko 10 Bruce Driver 10 Bill Guerin 10 Bobby Holik 10 John MacLean 10 Randy McKay 10 Scott Niedermayer 10 Mike Peluso 10 Brian Rolston 10 Chris Terreri 10 Jim Dowd 9 (-1) Shawn Chambers 9 Kevin Dean 9 Danton Cole 8
  25. I'm all for that. Like you said, who gives a fvck if we overpay, and Landeskog still have plenty of good years left. He's the type of guy we need - veteran forward who produces.
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