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  1. Yeah I mean, I don't really see how that's a major at all. Two minute cross-checking penalty seems perfectly just. But, all things considered, that was a hell of a finish - good on the Sharks to rally like that and not give up. I still have a feeling they'll somehow lose next round (Avs are rolling, and their top line is incredibly dangerous), but it's a nice story and moments like this are certainly attracting people to the playoffs because of how exciting it's been so far, which is good.
  2. Blue Jackets having a scrimmage today amongst themselves to stay sharp while they wait for their next opponent. Bobrovsky sitting this one out. Kinaid sighting on the ice.
  3. Not at all surprised that the Blues knocked off the Jets - hot team down the stretch still playing strong. Not surprised Leafs/Bruins is going 7, same for Vegas/Sharks - I picked both of those to go the distance. Colorado looks strong - early on their top line and main 3 guys were on fire at the start of this season, then they cooled off, and now it seems like they're back to being dominant. I'm not that surprised that the Caps murdered the Canes at home last game, and part of my thinks they'll get the job done tonight on the road, but I wouldn't be too surprised if the Canes force Game 7 as well, and if they do, I think it could still be a toss up. Also, every year I always wonder if this is the year that the Cup goes back "home" to Canada. I mean, the sport was started there, and Canadians have so much pride in their teams, yet none of their teams have won since 1993. Before Winnipeg came back, there was 6 teams out of the then 30 in the league, so math would suggest there would be an average chance of one of them winning every 5 years. Pretty remarkable that it's been 25. With 3 Canadian teams makin the post season this year you'd figure that's a pretty decent chance one of them may make a decent run at bringing the Cup back there, especially with Calgary being one of the front-runners, yet here we are and nearly all 3 of them could be knocked out in the first round. I love it.
  4. Every ounce of my body wanted to spell it "Andersen", but I held back...
  5. sh!t, I knew I was forgetting someone. I actually like Anderson quite a bit, and seems like he might have potential. I feel better about that 4th line now.
  6. Agreed. The best thing he did for us last season was provide an unintentional meme that will live on in infamy. True. For me, it was a combination of not realizing I was misspelling it, and also him not being significant enough on the team yet to know (or care) that I was misspelling it
  7. I don't like Rooney much, but I forgot about Bastian - he seemed to play pretty well down the stretch in the limited time and opportunity he had. He seemed hungry too, and like he wanted to make the most of his chance. I wouldn't mind seeing him on the 4th line for opening night next season. Yikes. Relative of yours?
  8. If our team looks something like this next season up front, I don't see how they aren't at least in the conversation for a wildcard spot, if not even better: Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Bratt - Hughes - FA Wood - Zacha - Coleman Agostini - Zajac - Q I think we need to go after a solid right wing in free agency. We lack some serious depth at that position. I'm not sure I bump Zajac all the way down to the 4th line, but I think at this point Zacha needs to be getting some regular minutes, and with how much Zajac still plays on the PK, cutting down his even strength minutes may not be the end of the world. Only other issue I have is Agostini and/or Q - I'm not really sold on Agostini, and Q is what he is. Neither of those spots really worry me much though, as they're both pretty replaceable with any serviceable AHLer that we see fit to call up. Ideally it'd be nice if we could acquire a cheap free agent in the summer to take over one of those spots though.
  9. Also, the guy who said you're a fraud to root for another team in the playoffs is a moron. When your favorite team is out, if you're a hockey fan, there's no reason why you can't cheer another team on, for whatever reason it might be. This year for me is kinda odd, for the following reasons: - Lightning: I live in Tampa, and prior to last night, I was pulling for them because I've been here for 20 years, and was at Game 7 in 04 - Islanders: I wouldn't mind the Isles winning, for the reasons mentioned in my prior post - Blue Jackets: A good buddy of mine sells corporate suites for Columbus, just started with them a few months ago - Hurricanes: My brother recently moved to Raleigh and is having his first baby in a few weeks. For all of those reasons, I wouldn't really mind if any of those teams won the Cup. Probably would if the Blue Jackets did, because we kinda hate them and we always suck against them, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. It's not like the Rags or Flyers winning the Cup. But with all of that in mind, I wouldn't say I'm "rooting" for any of those teams. I just like to see good playoff hockey.
  10. No real issues with them. I grew up on Long Island and my grandmother has lived in Uniondale for nearly 60 years, 5 minutes from the Coliseum. She's a diehard fan to this day, and I'd be happy for her if they won one more time while she's still around to witness it. I also have another good friend who's a big Islander fan who I'd be happy for as well. Other than that, I don't go out of my way to root for them because they're one of our rivals. I don't find their team, or fanbase, to be annoying though in any respect. So for the most part, I'd say I'm indifferent to them.
  11. Valid question. Could be that maybe his injury wasn't that serious and we just didn't rush him back given the state of the team at the time.
  12. My thoughts exactly. Usually whenever the Rangers or Flyers hire or sign someone, I have to look for ways for me to hate them and hope for their eventual failure. With this signing, I didn't have to look hard. And it's great.
  13. NJDfan1711

    Hughes or Kakko

    Agreed. I'm reserving my judgement and expectations until the start of next season, because the end of this season was too small of a sample size for me to really say "he's back", but from what we did see it certainly left some positive feelings and a reason to be hopeful. A summer off and a fresh start may be just what he needs to put together a sustained and strong season next year.
  14. Flyers hired Vigneault.
  15. NJDfan1711

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hard to believe he's been in the league 15 years, but he's 33...guy probably has 5 years left in him or so.
  16. He finished 2 points ahead of Josefson, and he's on the same team as him too.
  17. NJDfan1711

    Hughes or Kakko

    True. I was referring more about defensive physicality, because I thought that's what 1214 meant.
  18. That's awesome. Glad to see some of the guys doing stuff off-ice together. Especially Cory. This can only be good for him.
  19. Post. Of. The. Year.
  20. NJDfan1711

    Hughes or Kakko

    I was going to back up your claim and say the same thing, but you already did - that the other three outside of Maroon never used their size effectively, if at all. They were big guys, but not physical guys.
  21. I hate the fact that it could potentially be what I believe to be the two best teams in the Eastern Conference (Lightning and Bruins) meeting in Conference Semi-Finals, rather than the Conference Finals, should they both advance past the first round. If those teams keep winning, I think they should meet in the last round before the Cup Finals where they will meet a team from the other Conference. Plus, those teams should also get the benefit of re-seeding and playing whatever the lowest seed is that happens to have moved on to round two. Prior to this format, the benefits for earning a higher seed where home ice advantage and also re-seeding for strength of opponent. Now though, all you have is home-ice. There's no real incentive to trying to move up in the standings during the regulation season since the benefit of your opponent is gone after the first round. Sure, you get the wildcard teams in the Conference Quarterfinals, but that's it. Oh, and not to mention it limits the possibilities of potential matchups in the Semi-Finals in terms of speculation and diversity. I for one like the fact that, depending on who wins and if there are any upsets, there could be several different, potentially unique, matchups that we haven't seen before. With this format, you're guaranteed that the Hurricanes won't meet the Lightning in the next round, which to me, is dumb. If they move on, they should play the Lightning in the Semi-Finals (assuming the Bolts win of course). I 'sort of' get why the NHL does it this way - in their eyes it "emphasizes rivalries" or something like that - but to me there are just so many more, and better, reasons to do it the way it was 5 or 6 years ago before they switched.
  22. NJDfan1711

    Hughes or Kakko

    Glass half full, my man!
  23. Oh true, that's cool. Didn't know that - thanks! Have to imagine the chances of him making it next year are fairly good. Can't really say anyone else impressed all that much, and lord knows they had their changes and opportunities to showcase their skills and try to secure a spot on the team...most guys got a good 10-15 games or more down the stretch of solid minutes and ice time when we were putting out there a team of almost entirely AHLers.
  24. Shero should pay us for doing work for him. Maybe we should get him a sign to hang in his office - "It's not what you know, it's who you know".
  25. Friendship by extension. It's all coming together now.
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