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  1. yeah little too much these days, but hoping to find one in right price area some day. Look on Modells online and haven't found any cheaper. I'm really not picky, just trying to find a cheaper one. If I find one I like that's expensive I'd but it. I'll keep checking lol
  2. last time I was at the arena was in April 2012, is anything new since then?
  3. not looking for anything expensive. As a kid I use to have too Devils jerseys with just logo on the front and no name. I remember them being expensive, but not like 200 bucks lol, I have checked modells, the ones near me barely have anything good lol. Might just buy a cool sweatshirt I saw. Don't need 100 Devil shirts like I do Nets
  4. i'd order one if thats the better option, but are they any better through Devils store online then the arena? I would have thought it'd be the same
  5. Hey, I'm Julia and I'm 25(26 on March 11). Growing up in NJ I've been a Devils fan all my life. I started liking hockey because of the Mighty Ducks and then started going to games till I was in 5th grade(?). I haven't been to a game since, but I still watch Devils on tv and read about them online, etc. I actually bought tickets yesterday to go to a Devils Game again on March 23rd. I've also been a Nets(basketball) fan all my life, I started liking basketball more then hockey in 5th grade and started going to basketball games more, I'm the biggest Brooklyn Nets fan, hoping to get more into hockey again as well. Glad I found these boards
  6. So I'll be going to my first(since I was in 3rd grade) Devils Game. Been a fan of them since and watch games on tv and read stuff about them, just haven't been to a game in a while. Long story short I was a big hockey fan because of the mighty ducks till 3rd grade, then I started liking basketball more, so started going to nets games, been saying for a few years I wanted to try to go to another Devils game and finally bought tickets of stubhub for March 23rd I'm looking into getting a Jersey, most likely, Martin Brodeur, do they sell the Jerseys on the games and how much? hoping to not spend on shipping lol. Already got a Devils shirt to wear and got my old Devils winter hat
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