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  1. Another must win for the devils so I hope they can continue to play like they have last two games: vs. LGD!!!!
  2. The team brought alot of passion and energy despite being down to 7 forwards, so a back to back vs the Hurricanes will be tough. But,it was the most grittiest effort last night I have seen in a while and they will have to do it again tonight. So its: vs. SO LGD!!!
  3. Schneids in goal (schneids is my nickname for him lol) Me too I would be pissed too but who knows.... if we just enjoy these games, maybe they can pull something out of a bag of tricks but not expecting it
  4. I have to miss most of the games this year because of school and work... but i still went to 4 games this year (Schneider win vs Blue Jackets, the Bruins debacle game, S/O losses to coyotes and blue jackets so 1-1-2). I'll be graduating college this year so I'm going to try and go to more games next year (probably doing weekday partial plan or something). But I treat the devils as an enjoyment to life and if they lose, then theres always next year. But, I will always cheer on my boys so LGD!
  5. I agree with you on that and I won't attack posters that give up because I understand the frustration.... Trust me I was down so bad yesterday.... but after what my Yankees did in 04 (choke 3-0 series lead), the impossible can happen so thats why i dont give up
  6. Sigh that was a tough one for me to swallow as it was for the rest of the fanbase..... Of course I'm getting the sense of doubt now because of how inconsistent we are....but I'm just a true fanatic and really can't give up until the mathematics say we can't..... so I guess LGD!
  7. We have to keep winning and let the chips fall in place
  8. Much needed 2 pts tonight. LGD!! Just believe!!!!
  9. I prob do indeed lol but until it says: "Devils have been mathematically eliminated from playoffs", we have to believe.
  10. Yes we are 0-10 in the shootouts and yes we have lost two of them in a row and our playoff hopes are fading. But, lets rally for the team guys, I know we don't have the best players this year or any momentum but we have to help the team try and get to the promised land. So if your going to be at the next few games or watching at home (like me) and/or checking phone for updates due to work (me as well), we can't give up on this team yet. SO LETS RALLY!!!!!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOO!!! Here's a rallying video of upbeat and excitement for you guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoYqBn9jPmI
  11. I have them going 8-2 the rest of the way with 91 pts.... could def make the playoffs with that but one game at a time.... gotta believe! LGD!
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