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  1. Had a Devils jersey from Finland get stuck a few days.
  2. Another Getty photomatched for the Daneyko helmet.
  3. Matched my Daneyko helmet. Pretty easy, missing a screw............... He only wore this type of Bauer from what I can tell from Getty Images beginning of 1999 to around Feb of 2000 (Stanley Cup Year). After that the Bauer's he wore did not have the black pads in the ear guards.
  4. Got my 10th Dowd jersey today 05-06 Blackhawks Alt https://www.flickr.com/photos/124671672@N06/sets/
  5. I have a real nice Devils 90-91 Jamie Huscroft for sale on eBay
  6. I'm high bidder! Don't try to out bid me. I'm ready to go about $250,000. http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=263&auctionid=78&lotid=1
  7. Sure it was the same? This stick isn't autoed.
  8. Latest acquisition: Martin Brodeur Game Used March 15,2008 against Colorado. Win #534. Photo & Video matched. The photo he signed is 16x20.
  9. MFITZ804 Thanks! The Devils did some crazy stuff back then. One year they added inserts on the sleeves to make using hockey socks. I have a Huscroft from 1989-90 that looks like it had two previous nameplates. It was two sets of jerseys back then. Not like what teams or players are wearing today.
  10. That Conacher cracks me up. Got it from Bettman. CLASSIC!
  11. NEW JIM DOWD JERSEY ON ITS WAY! CCM, Maska Air-Knit, Size ?, 75th Patch, Recycled Doug Brown, Chopped Nameplate, Shows very good overall wear with unrepaired holes and stick marks throughout. Jimmy made his NHL Debut on March 26, 1992 wearing this jersey. A 4-2 win over Boston. The one and only game he played in that first season for the Devils and his first of 827 career NHL games. Martin Brodeur also made his NHL debut that night for the Devils and picked up his first career win on his way to setting the NHL career record. The jersey itself is a great example of how frugal teams used to be. Instead of making a new jersey for one game, they took a Doug Brown from a previous year, chopped the "BR" and "N" off the nameplate and added a couple of "D's". They removed the "2's" from Browns's 24 and added "3's". They slapped on the 75th patch and a new jersey for Dowd.
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