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  1. NBC Sports will have 2 NCAA games tonight. Notre Dame vs. Maine at 7 and Army vs. Nebraska-Omaha 10.

  2. Am I the only Devils fan that likes Pierre McGuire?

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    2. aylbert


      He is bi-polar. I love him on XM, hate him on TV

    3. aylbert


      Wait... maybe I'm bi-polar. hmm.

    4. Zubie#8


      I met him once!...he creeped me out

  3. Congrats to Matt Cain on a perfect game!

  4. In DeBoer We Trust

    1. Scottie2Hottie
    2. mouse


      Burnsie was the last coach I felt this way about.

    3. mouse


      Burnsie was the last coach I felt this way about.

  5. Insane ending to the EPL. Congrats Manchester City.

    1. NJDevs4978


      That reminded me of a game that shall not be mentioned around here lol, only I wasn't unhappy to see this finish.

    2. thefiestygoat


      I cheer for United so I wasn't happy but I only live and die with the Devils and Yankees so I'm dealing with it fine.

  6. KHL to play regular season games in Brooklyn per Medvedev (SovSport).

  7. The Giants once again defeat the Patriots!!!! Super Bowl Champs!!!!!

  8. The Giants once again defeated the Patriots!!!! Super Bowl Champs!!!!!

  9. If I get subjected to watching the final episode of 24/7 1 more time, I'm going to blow my brains out.

  10. Dec 8th a sad day for music: RIP Dimebag Darrell and John Lennon.

  11. Posted the goalie fight from Swift Current-Portland game in the prospect thread.

  12. Hoping Wilson Ramos makes it back to his family safe and fast. Scary situation.

  13. I miss watching Devils hockey! Stupid power outage!

  14. anyone ever use AHL Live? if so how was the quality? thinking about buying a sub this season...

  15. RIP Kurt Cobain & Layne Staley

  16. Devils sign Mike Sislo to 2 year ELC.

  17. Go Yankees! The drive for 28 begins today!

    1. DevsMan84


      I thought it began last year. What happened?:)

  18. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

  19. if the devils make the playoffs, i'm getting a moose tattoo!

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    2. thefiestygoat


      i actually know a guy that has a moose tattoo and it looks pretty cool, at least in my opinion haha

    3. DevsMan84


      It is because of Hedberg or something else?

    4. thefiestygoat


      i honestly have no idea why the dude has it, i gotta ask, i always wanted to get some sort of moose tat myself (just think they look cool) and this run just adds another reason to it

  20. Barry Tallackson is tearing up the DEL...20 G 20 A 40 Pts in 32 Games.

    1. этотсайтебут


      I know its the DEL, however, at 27 this may net him another shot at the NHL.

  21. randomly thought of alexander suglobov just now.

  22. spending my night on twitter for cliff lee updates ugh

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