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  1. Friday 10/14 QMJHL Shawinigan defeated Halifax 6-3 Brandon Gignac C: Goal (PP), 3 Assists (1 PP), +1, 5 Shots, 13/24 Faceoffs, 2nd Star OHL Sault Ste. Marie defeated Kingston 4-1 Colton White D: Assist, +2, 2 Shots Mississauga lost to Flint 5-4 Michael McLeod C: 3 Assists (2 PP), E, 4 Shots, 20/33 Faceoffs Nathan Bastian RW: -3, 4 PIM (Roughing, Goaltender Interference, Game Misconduct), 2 Shots -- Bastian was ejected in 2nd period for removing his helmet. Saginaw lost to Kitchener 6-2 Evan Cormier G: 21 Saves on 26 Shots in 45:49 NCAA Merrimack lost to Clarkson 4-0 Brett Seney LW: E, 2 PIM (Slashing), 0/1 Faceoff Boston College lost to Wisconsin 3-1 JD Dudek F: Goal, +1, 1 Shot Minnesota Duluth defeated Notre Dame 4-3 Joey Anderson RW: 2 Assists (1 PP), +1, 2 Shots Northeastern tied Bentley 1-1 Jeremy Davies D: -1, 3 Shots Allsvenskan AIK defeated VIK Hockey 2-1 (OT) Jesper Bratt LW: Goal, +1, 2 Shots, 15:17 TOI
  2. Thursday 10/13 OHL Sault Ste. Marie defeated Peterborough 5-4 (SO) Colton White D: -1, 4 Shots Season: 4 GP 0-1-1, -4, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 3.00 SH/GP KHL SKA St. Petersburg defeated Dinamo Riga 4-1 Yegor Rykov D: +1, 1 Shot, 3 Blocks, 13:37 TOI Season: 18 GP 0-3-3, +6, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 0.67 SH/GP, 17 Blocks, 12:39 ATOI MHL SKA-1946 defeated MHC Spartak 5-2 Mikhail Maltsev C: 2 Assists (1 SH), +2, 13/20 Faceoffs Season: 7 GP 1-5-6, +5, 0 PIM, 9.09 SH%, 1.57 SH/GP, 62.39 FO%
  3. Go Devils! Excited to watch a lot of the new faces this season. Really pumped to see Speers make his debut tonight.
  4. I'm in the same boat. I didn't do this until last night so maybe I was just too late.
  5. Thanks! Wednesday 10/12 OHL Mississauga defeated Guelph 11-3 Michael McLeod C: Goal, 3 Assists (1 PP), +4, 7 Shots, 18/30 Faceoffs Season: 4 GP 1-6-7, +4, 0 PIM, 5.00 SH%, 5.00 SH/GP, 61.48 FO% Nathan Bastian RW: 5 Assists (2 PP), +3, 4 Shots, 1/2 Faceoffs Season: 4 GP 3-6-9, +4, 2 PIM, 21.43 SH%, 3.50 SH/GP, 50.00 FO% -- The real highlight of the night was this fan jumping the glass and having a bit of a run around the ice! MHL SKA-1946 defeated MHC Spartak 3-2 (OT) Mikhail Maltsev C: Assist (PP, on GWG), -1, 3 Shots, 13/26 Faceoffs Season: 6 GP 1-3-4, +3, 0 PIM, 10.00 SH%, 1.67 SH/GP, 61.86 FO% Allsvenskan AIK defeated Mora IK 5-4 (SO) Jesper Bratt LW: E, 13:00 TOI, Scored in SO Season: 9 GP 2-3-5, E, 4 PIM, 28.57 SH%, 0.78 SH/GP, 13:07 ATOI -- Listed as 3rd line LW. Got off to a hot start with 2 goals and 3 assists in his first 6 games, now without a point over the last 3. All of his points are at even strength so far. ---- Didn't have time to do daily updates for the past week but here are the stats the other guys. QMJHL Brandon Gignac C (Shawinigan): 3 GP 0-4-4, -1, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 4.67 SH/GP, 63.51 FO% OHL Colton White D (Sault Ste. Marie): 3 GP 0-1-1, -3, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 2.67 SH/GP Evan Cormier G (Saginaw): 3 GP 1-1-0-1, 2.94 GAA, .916 SV%, 2 Quality Starts, 1 Really Bad Start -- I was critical of the Cormier pick and his numbers were a bit underwhelming last year. From watching him a bit this year, I can understand why the Devils are taking a chance on him. He has some tools (moves well, cuts down angles, quick reflexes) but struggles to perform consistently. WHL Colby Sissons D (Swift Current): 5 GP 1-3-4, +3, 2 PIM NCAA JD Dudek F (Boston College): 2 GP 0-0-0, E, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 2.50 SH/GP Brett Seney C (Merrimack): 1 GP 0-1-1, E, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 1.00 SH/GP, 30.00 FO% Joey Anderson RW (Minnesota Duluth): 4 GP 0-2-2, E, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 3.25 SH/GP Jeremy Davies D (Northeastern): 2 GP 0-0-0, -3, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 1.50 SH/GP, 4 Blocks KHL Yegor Rykov D (SKA St. Petersburg): 17 GP 0-3-3, +5, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 0.65 SH/GP, 14 Blocks, 12:36 ATOI -- Nice to see him playing on a consistent basis for the team. I still have last week's game against CSKA on my DVR but haven't had the chance to watch it yet so I can't really provide any thoughts on him yet.
  6. Time to get this year's prospect thread going! First, I want to thank everyone for all the kind words they've given me over the past few years of doing this. This is an awesome community and I'm happy to be a part of it. The Devils have had quite a bit of turnover in regards to their college, junior, and European prospects. Let's take a look to see whose in, whose out, and where these guys are playing. Let me know if I missed anything. New Additions: C Michael McLeod, RW Nathan Bastian, RW Joey Anderson, C Brandon Gignac, LW Mikhail Maltsev, G Evan Cormier, D Yegor Rykov, LW Jesper Bratt, D Jeremy Davies, D Colby Sissons Going Pro: D Steve Santini, LW Miles Wood, C Pavel Zacha, D Josh Jacobs, C John Quenneville, C Brandon Baddock, G Mackenzie Blackwood Not Signed: RW Connor Chatham, D Ryan Rehill NCAA C Alexander Kerfoot (Harvard - SR) LW Brett Seney (Merrimack - JR) C JD Dudek (Boston College - SO) RW Joey Anderson (Minnesota-Duluth - FR) D Jeremy Davies (Northeastern - FR) QMJHL C Brandon Gignac (Shawinigan) OHL RW Blake Speers (Sault Ste. Marie) D Colton White (Sault Ste. Marie) C Michael McLeod (Mississauga) RW Nathan Bastian (Mississauga) G Evan Cormier (Saginaw) WHL D Colby Sissons (Swift Current) KHL F Artur Gavrus (Dinamo Minsk) D Yegor Rykov (SKA St. Petersburg) VHL LW Mikhail Maltsev (SKA-Neva St. Petersburg) MHL LW Mikhail Maltsev (SKA-1946 St. Petersburg) Allsvenskan LW Jesper Bratt (AIK) ------------------------ Random Notes/Thoughts: -- As mentioned in the other thread the Devils signed D Colby Sissons the other day. He went undrafted last year in his first year of eligibility but the Devils were able to secure his rights before he would've had to re-enter. Here's a draft profile I did on him back in June for AATJ. A real raw prospect but there does seem to be some upside there. -- I have Maltsev listed twice since he's appeared for SKA's minor league (VHL) team and their junior team (MHL) so far this season. He started with the junior team before moving up to the minor league team. -- Gavrus is only 22 and the Devils have his rights, but I'm not sure of how long that will be the case. Regardless, he needs to have a healthy and productive year in the KHL before trying to come over to win a NHL spot out of a training camp. Crucial year for him from a NJ fan perspective. -- One player I'm excited to follow is Jesper Bratt. NHL Numbers had this article from back in May on which Swedish players were likely to have a decent chance to play at least 200 NHL games in their careers. While the article mainly focused on SHL players, they also took a look at the Allsvenskan (2nd tier). Based on Bratt's age and point per game production from last season, it seems like he is one of those players who will have a decent chance. I know the Hockey Prospect scouts raved about his skill but questioned his effort and how his game would translate to the smaller rink. It will be interesting to see how he performs over the next few years. -- While we're on the topic of projecting draftees, NHL Numbers just posted their review of the draft using their new system. That post highlights the Metro Division and the Devils. I highly recommend checking it out since there is info on each pick and some nice graphs. Their model liked the McLeod, Bastian, and Bratt picks. ------------------------ Whose done what so far: QMJHL Brandon Gignac: 1 GP 0-1-1, +1, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 5.00 SH/GP, 56.67 FO% OHL Colton White: 1 GP 0-1-1, E, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 2.00 SH/GP Michael McLeod: 1 GP 0-2-2, +1, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 1.00 SH/GP, 66.67 FO% Nathan Bastian: 1 GP 2-1-3, +1, 0 PIM, 66.67 SH%, 3.00 SH/GP, 66.67 FO% WHL Colby Sissons: 2 GP 1-2-3, +2, 0 PIM NCAA Joey Anderson: 2 GP 0-2-2, +1, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 4.00 SH/GP KHL Artur Gavrus: 10 GP 3-0-3, -1, 0 PIM, 15.79 SH%, 1.90 SH/GP, 15:57 ATOI Yegor Rykov: 14 GP 0-1-1, +1, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 0.71 SH/GP, 12:30 ATOI VHL Mikhail Maltsev: 3 GP 0-0-0, E, 2 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 2.00 SH/GP, 75.00 FO%, 11:00 ATOI MHL Mikhail Maltsev: 3 GP 0-1-1, +2, 0 PIM, 0.00 SH%, 1.33 SH/GP, 64.71 FO% Allsvenskan Jesper Bratt: 7 GP 2-3-5, E, 4 PIM, 40.00 SH%, 0.71 SH/GP
  7. thefiestygoat


    I can create a 2016-17 specific thread in the model of the other ones I've done in the past, unless people think I should just use this one. I do apologize for being a bit late with the prospect stuff this season and a bit absent over the summer. Prospect season really snuck up on me this season but I'm happy it's here. Pretty excited to follow some of the recent draft picks along with the guys that have been around for a few years.
  8. It was time for him to go but I'll still miss him. Love those guys that always give it a full effort, play a physical game, and chip in some offense randomly. Best of luck to him.
  9. Meh, PL3's replacement in Albany most likely. Not worried about it.
  10. Big win for Nashville in my eyes, getting the younger, better defensemen on a better contract. Seriously, they get Subban from age 27-32 while getting out of Weber's age 31-40 seasons. That's nuts.
  11. I'll miss Larsson and I really hope he goes on to have success. With that said, I can't believe Shero was able to get this done as a straight swap. 2 people texted me and I thought they were joking. Absolutely excellent trade for NJ! Time for Severson, Merrill, and Santini to step up. Hoping they find a way to get Merrill on the left side this year.
  12. Seriously, it seems like they're getting a bunch of guys with speed. McLeod, Gignac, and Bratt seem like they can absolutely fly. Anderson and Maltsev have positive reports in that department. Bastian doesn't but I do like what I've read on his size and compete level. I know this draft isn't highly touted, but so far I'm happy with what Shero's done today.
  13. Bratt seems like a nice value pick for where they got him. Future Considerations had him at 78, Hockey Prospect at 100 and described him as playing a "high-paced game." Also mentioned he "has a high skill level and is elusive with the puck." Doesn't turn 18 until 7/30 too. H.pefully he can translate his game over to NA. EDIT: Pronman had him at 49.
  14. Just wish they were a bit more ambitious at that slot, but that's splitting hairs. I mean, he's an ok goalie prospect and has size but his career OHL numbers leave me wanting a lot more. He was a workhorse on a not so great team so I'm kind of curious to see what his GSAA is like. Just can't see him being anything more than a minor league guy. Hockey Prospect actually described him as a "lower end Mackenzie Blackwood."
  15. So far I'm satisfied with the picks outside of Cormier.
  16. Don't mind this at all. They had a pick to spare so why not take a chance on a guy like Bennett?
  17. Embrace it! In all seriousness, I'm satisfied with McLeod. He wasn't my first, second, or third choice but he's solid and they got another pick to work with. Also, think Arizona is doing well thus far with Keller and Chychrun. But I'm a few fireball shots and Blue Moons in.
  18. This is really awesome stuff, thanks for putting it together! I really liked the team by team draft outlook feature!
  19. I don't like using a NHL contract for an AHL depth signing. I get that the Devils will probably not have to worry about hitting the reserve list limit but it still irks me.
  20. I'm surprised he got a NHL deal. I figured if they really wanted to bring him in they'd just get him on an AHL deal - and I wasn't even expecting that. I bet he's a good guy but he's pretty much a non-prospect. Whatever.
  21. Chris McKelvie retired and will be an assistant coach for Army. (SBN College Hockey)
  22. Monday 4/25 OHL Eastern Conference Finals #2 Barrie lost to #4 Niagara 6-3 (Trail Series 3-0) Mackenzie Blackwood G: 36 Saves on 41 Shots
  23. AHL 4/23 - Division Semifinals - Game 2 (Best of 5) Albany defeated Utica 5-1 to take a 2-0 series lead. Offensive leaders for Albany were O'Brien with 2 goals and an assist, Boucher with a goal and 2 assists, and Severson with 3 assists. Thomson and Zacha had the other goals. Lorito and O'Neill also earned an assist each. Pelley and Boucher had 5 shots each followed by O'Brien with 4 as the Devils outshot the Comets 28-23. Wedgewood made 22 saves. Albany went 2/3 on the PP and 3/3 on the PK. Here is the gamesheet. Line Up: Lorito-Blandisi-Sislo Boucher-O'Brien-O'Neill Kujawinski-Zacha-Thompson Thomson-Pelley-Lappin Mozik-Helgeson Kelly-Severson Gragnani-Scarlett ECHL Update Adirondack won their 1st round series 4-1 over Manchester. They will take on South Carolina in the 2nd round. Appleby started all 5 games and finished the series with a .942 SV%, 4 Quality Starts, and a shutout. Johnson had 2 assists and Faust had an assist.
  24. Saturday 4/23 OHL Eastern Conference Finals #2 Barrie lost to #4 Niagara 4-1 (Trail Series 2-0) Mackenzie Blackwood G: 33 Saves on 37 Shots WHL Eastern Conference Finals #E1 Brandon defeated #C2 Red Deer 6-4 (Lead Series 2-0) John Quenneville C: Goal, +1
  25. Thursday 4/21 OHL Eastern Conference Finals #2 Barrie lost to #4 Niagara 3-2 (Trail Series 1-0) Mackenzie Blackwood G: 39 Saves on 42 Shots, 3rd Star Friday 4/22 WHL Eastern Conference Finals #E1 Brandon defeated #C2 Red Deer 4-3 (OT) (Lead Series 1-0) John Quenneville C: 2 Goals (OT GWG), +2, 2 PIM (High Sticking), 1st Star
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