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  1. Great set up by Gomez, Fischer scores and world is only 2 goals down!!
  2. Penalty on Russia for messing with the new world player Igor Larionov!!
  3. Yzerman scores for Russia after the trade lol!!!
  4. Kovalchuk scorers 4-2 Russia C'mon World lets come back. We almost had that great play but Chelios's shot got blocked after 4 nifty passes.
  5. Russia powerplay. Go World stop them. I wish Marty was still in but they gotta let everyone play.
  6. Igor scores! Congrats to him but now the world is down
  7. Goal!!! 2-2 Luc Robitalle Sweetness
  8. Good game so far. I am just so happy to be able to watch some of our players and other NHLers past and present playing.
  9. I think that they both still suck! Let me put it this way: I know that whenever this is resolved and hockey is back the players will still be making ridiculous amounts of money to play the game they so called "love" and the owners will just raise ticket prices to make more money, pricing out the fans like you and me.
  10. 16: thefiestygoat 17: my friend who is not a member of this board (yet)
  11. I'll do it and have my friends do it, but no one is going to notice anyway
  12. It looks like he is going to lose this fight! crazy old man!
  13. As much as I want to, my gut is telling me that this is just a rumor and that there will be no season. Which is weird because I tend to be more of an optomist than pessimist.
  14. Based on my gut feeling, and I hate to say this, NO! Never before would I be so happy to be wrong so hopefully I am.
  15. You can also see them at the Newark Arena Site Here. They are under the images category. The site is not finished but the article database will be done by Thursday night. -Note: when you click on the link it will take you to the redirect page which is the ONLY page on the site that contains pop ups and ads, so have your pop up blocker on. However the rest of the site contains NO ADS OR POP UPS!
  16. Thanks for the article. It also makes me angry that I am one of the few kids in my school that actually cares about the NHL lockout. It is even like that where I work. The sad thing is a lot of people have hardly even noticed that there is no hockey.
  17. I agree Jimmy Leeds and by the way awesome avatar!
  18. I wish there was a way to watch these games online or something. This lockout is really bothering me, I just want to see hockey!
  19. Hi, I am a new member to this forum but in no way a new fan of hockey. Like the rest of you I am deeply upset about this lockout. So when my Literature teacher told my class to prepare 1 1/2-2 page speeches on a topic that we feel passionately about, I naturally chose the NHL lockout. Before I write my speech I was wondering if you guys could voice your opinions or help give me some research to write into my speech. I am open to anything so please help me out, this will be greatly apprecciated! Thanks for your time!
  20. Hi, I am a new member and I am also one of the webmasters at the unofficial Newark Arena Site started by a former member at this forum, njdhockey, who got the idea from NewarkDevil5. The site has switched host from 150m to 0catch, and know contains less pop ups and adds. The new address is http://www.newarkarena.0catch.com. You will notice that their are pop ups and ads on the first page but after that you will be redirected and will not face pop ups and ads on the rest of the site! Also the site is undergoing major reconstruction and we are working hard to get the article database up. Hopefully, the entire site reconstruction will be done by the end of this month but it is still accessible and will become better as time goes on. Check it out! Thanks for your time! P.S.- This is addressed to the owners/moderators of this site. First I would like to know if I could have a banner of your site to put in my links section and I would also like to know if I could link the forums to the Newark forum on this site because no one uses the one that we supplied, and this one is a lot better and then people from this site would not have to re register at another forum. Thanks for your time!
  21. Welcome to the boards, I am new too. Also do you happen to follow the DEL? That is the German Hockey League for those of you that don't know, I only know that because I did a report on it last year in my German class.
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