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  1. everyone is so high on hall and henrique together. Remember Zajac brings defensive responsibility to a line that Hall needs to learn. on the PP i would put them together, but at start, let Hall play with Zajac as his C
  2. Thats what i need moderators for. As for "vetted" users, if the entries become bad, moderators can delete their account and will be banned from registering again. Alternatively i have it setup where there can be a public domain, and a private domain. As for the events, again, thats what I need feedback for. Now that i think of it, there is rarely a case for a "good icing" but sometimes it is needed. Moderators can put it to a vote and it can be removed. The score is how much weight does is the even called for. Was that goal a tap in? or was that goal a dangle, toe drag, deke to the backhand to win the game? I was thinking of going from 1-3 to 1-5 but not much higher. One thing i do have to fix, is positive events, should not have a possibility for a negative score
  3. Hello all, I am a long time devils fan, and came here to see if anyone wanted to participate in a BETA website program that would aggregate devils players during games and score them on how they are playing. For example, did you ever notice that third assist and goes untracked? How about drawing a penalty thats huge but never goes down on paper. There are also negative events you can enter for defensman being out of position, etc. You will be able to see in real time how the devils (or devil) is playing. Leaders in overall points, and leaders in certain categories. This would be great if we had league wide participation. But baby steps for now. There is no season right now. But please feel free to add events. I already have a legit +3 and thats Ray Shero making some good trades! If anyone was at the summer camp, i know some players might not be in that list, (email me if they are not) You can start entering already. I formally created a twitter bot to help make Brodeur on the cover of NHL EA sports on this very forum Right now, the website is in BETA mode, meaning it doesnt look pretty, but its ready for people to register and sign up. I have purchased the domain http://armchair-coach.com which in a few hours users will be able to access. I have attached screen shots on how it works. You will have to register first and login. I am in need of moderators, that will have the ability to add and delete players, as well as events. I am also looking for feedback anytime. P.S. I will be watching this post for any suggestions and people that would like to be moderator. If anyone knows somebody that would do this for another team please let me know. Post here or contact me at mikesecure@hotmail.com Thank you, and lets go Devils!
  4. whats so weird is that Rafalski was a UFA and nobody wanted him
  5. was googling myself, was like why is my email here, im like oh ya i shared an auto "bot" for the legendary Martin Brodeur, sorry for the bump. Just wanted to make sure he made the cover. I love the 95 rated milestone Brodeur in NHL 14 on my team, wonder if he will ever return as a legend or play this year.
  6. I guess you all liked my little bot ;x I knew the russians where doing this(as the are even using bot nets) allot more then running a single bot at your desk. figure i had to do something
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