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  1. unless you got the VIP tickets..you didnt miss out on that much equipment wise. Sticks..if you were looking for RH's it sucked.
  2. Players that are given their equipment from the company directly don't have to pick which equipment they bring home. The rest of the players that don't have contracts with easton and what not have their equipment bought by the team there for have less options of what they can bring home at the end of the season.
  3. There won't be any Kovy stuff there. And I hope i can snag a pair of gloves and a a few sticks if they're right for me
  4. No, he told me during lunch yesterday in the city.
  5. he will not be signed. i know for a fact. but never stop believin huh
  6. Mark my words he won't be back but it was a great chance to see a top caliber and 'flashy' forward in the league in a Devils uniform for the time being. He is truely a remarkable player.
  7. I wish iO carried ESPNU
  8. This makes little to no sense. Because he had upward motion (from straightening his legs) it's sketchy?
  9. Lou- atleast last season- wouldn't pay for the players under garments. Players have a certain number of gloves and skates they're allowed to get from the team. Sticks as well.
  10. You'd be surprised for what eq. they do have to pay for.
  11. You think an athelete will turn down a chance to win the Gold?
  12. Why would you ever trust anyone with money? The $43 million part just makes it even dumber.
  13. langs15

    The "C"

    Lags of course. Why switch up the captain again!? Dont fix something that ain't broke.
  14. I wish the Devils were as feisty now as they were back then. This is how a rivalry game should be played.
  15. You'd rather have Scott more than someone who's better then him for the same price?!
  16. langs15

    David Perron

    He is a great player and would be an asset here. He has some nice moves and has great vision and hands.
  17. Sold these tickets a while ago..wish I still had them!!
  18. I don't know..he got so much sh!t for that..he deserves to dish it out now.
  19. i really hate it when people say it's chickening out when a player trys to dodge a huge its. It's called hockey smarts, why on earth would you want to get laid out? But..to each his own.
  20. He hurt his leg hurt more than anyhting. I'm fine with the suspension, Mottau shouldn't have thrown it once he realized he wasn't going to hit him with the shoulder.
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