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  1. Why? They are heading in the right direction for the draft.
  2. Subban back at home, Saros in net and we look awful.
  3. Did Hall come back too early he hasn't done much and making mistakes since his early return?
  4. Is there a message that Miles Wood keeps getting interviewed? Too much embarrassment for the rest of the players ?
  5. Who's PP was it Devils or Rangers It was Devils but you wouldn't think so
  6. Just as the game started the TV cameras scanned the Devils bench and all the players including Hall look dejected and when the cameras scanned thepDeviks players on the ice as the game started they were looking at the overhead TV looking dejected. Go Devils
  7. Hello Devil's like they can hear me Go Devils Play 60 minutes against the Rangers and don't embarrass us fans.
  8. November 8th was the election so December doesn't count.
  9. Won't happen this season but next season is another story
  10. Didn't You get my message game cancelled 2 points awarded by Devils to Rangers. This why Hynes doesn't Have to lose sleep thinking about the lineup. Which election?
  11. OH come on, it's just a forum. Tomorrow's Headline will be Devils award two points to Rangers game cancelled.
  12. Title didn't matter for the two that complained. Hynes knows what he is doing. Getting fired next season. A discrace.
  13. It doesn't matter to me because if they make the playoffs they won't go far with present players unless Schneider is unstoppable and I don't see that happening because of our defense. On to next season.
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