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  1. Cammy is playing like he did before he was out for his daughter's illness.
  2. Let's see Autivu was sent to Albany to make room for Gazdic and Hynes say he did that go give Autivu more offensive experience. WTF we are hurting with defense and Autivu is better than Moore and Merrill playing defense. Two hard day's of practice. 3 days of rest at home. Bennett is out. PP is out. The results are the same. Good moves Hynes.
  3. Marty seems relaxed during his interview. He has matured IMO that's good.
  4. Marty must be loving it, watching Cory struggling
  5. Thank god that's over Do we come back in the 3rd?
  6. 7 min to go and I don't think the Devils have a shot on goal this period
  7. Didn't take long We can get back into this Go Devils
  8. Congrats on your good business year. Thanks for taking care of your employees you will be rewarded again. So what was your gift you got yourself? Something to do with fishing?
  9. If this has been pointed out before I apologize. Auvitu and Java are the only two that don't need to clear waivers to go to Albany. So Auvitu is the goat. I don't agree with this move at all. JJ brings more to the game than DSP. Bennett needs to be moved up in the lineup. If this team needs a strong arm player to lift it up we need psychologists instead of players. Haynes has lost this team and the team team's mission IMO.
  10. The entire team with coaches, the schedule, the lack of emotions, it's all very frustrating for the fans, players and I guess the coaches. IMO they are at a point where there isn't enough talent defensively to fix the defense problems, both goalies are I'm a slump and the offense has players that are coasting or not producing. I don't believe that Hynes and the other coaches know how to fix this beyond riding it out. I don't want to watch Thursday's night game except they had some rest and I want to see if that makes for any improvements.
  11. Stevens maybe one of the missing links regarding defense however there are more missing links
  12. So who takes the hit not Sheri! Owners are thinking about empty seats at home. STH are trying to figure out how to sell tickets
  13. Terrible! We haven't heard a word from Ray Shero, what is he waiting for? No emotion from the players, bad defense, bad passing and no finish. Hello Mr. Hynes words are not enough anymore. I am tired of hearing we didn't compete.
  14. I would like him to replace Deb Placey or McLean and McLean to replace Placey.
  15. I thought Henrique kicked it in via his skate.
  16. Show some emotion and play a full 60 minutes, like thier reading this Go Devils, at least for this game.
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