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  1. Frustrating is all I want to say at this time. Price should be suspended today. Won't help our sh!tty play however.
  2. Habs have 4 goals how many were soft by Schneider?
  3. Just got back from the NFL game KC killing Oakland only to find that the Habs are killing the Devils. What's going on?
  4. Tough game good thing Habs have a couple of injuries on offense. Go Devils Conflict KC vs Oakland NFL Goalie game Schneider wins this one
  5. Great win, I wish Deb and Steve would stop talking about the home game win record.
  6. Devils got unsportmanship because Hynes Bitched to refs. Moore got an instigator Penalty
  7. Thanks everyone re channel on Optimum yeah it's 206.
  8. I can't believe this. I hope Travis is OK just stitches.
  9. Have Optimum not listing the game on the guide. Anyone know what channel game is on with Optimum? Thanks Rangers and Islanders on 72 and 73
  10. Go Devils Nice to see a GDT up early, thanks
  11. Amazing, after the second period, you know what I thought, and then the 3rd and OT. Nice win.
  12. Boy, I was wrong re: Boucher not being claimed. I am still surprised that Nashville took him. Good luck to them.
  13. Lots of excuses but when the two players that have the most TOI time are Lovejoy and Moore we should know we are having a difficult time winning.
  14. If Hynes comes up with another fake mysterious injury on Auvitu so he can play Merrill well Hynes should be shot. Merrill can play for Lovejoy or Moore. I realize Merrill needs to play so many games so the can qualify to be taken by Las Vegas.
  15. Good I would rather have Auvitu
  16. Good move he needs to get a chance elsewhere. Not sure any team will pick him up however.
  17. Here is what Andrew Gross posted at 2 PM on 11/28: Hynes said there will be a game-time decision among the defensemen. Yohann Auvitu remained on the ice late, working with the extras – goalie Keith Kinkaid and forward Reid Boucher – but Hynes did not specify his six defensemen. Lets not make this a big deal.
  18. Hynes want to play Merrill simple as that. We might want to reconsider Hynes as the head coach, too much line movement and scratching players that a better than those in lineup.team moves from problem to different problem not consistent, that's a coaching problem.
  19. Glad I am recording this, allows me to watch something else and if I see they are getting into this game I can come back Bye
  20. Jets are fast Are they that good or are we that bad?
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