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  1. Can't blame Wood, lots of mental pressure
  2. What can we do to get rid of Merrill?
  3. We didn't need 7D to have consistent defense.
  4. Kinkaid had one hell of a night. Too bad he couldn't get the win.
  5. The 2 points were right there with an open net but Cammy couldn't make it happen when needed He has had a good night however
  6. Looking forward to another game without the drama of the last first period. Go Devils
  7. Well the team will have a great day tomorrow after that 2 point game. Happy Thanksgiving to all the USA servicemen and women all over the world and to my Devils fans enjoy your family and friends on this day of Thanks
  8. Shame on me I am glad I stayed with the game.
  9. Hynes must have put a stick up Cammalleri's ass
  10. Bennett WOW after Zajac WOW Cammalleri produces with assists.
  11. Painful, questioning why I am watching. Glad I am not there.
  12. Wake up call for what? They don't have any depth and last Years Scorers suck So far.
  13. Go Devils What happened to Fire and Ice blog anyone know?
  14. Should be an interesting game with Hall out and with Boucher filling in. Also Cammy is out not sure if that's negative. Go Devils
  15. Very pleased for Greene and also finally Auvitu got his first goal after having two previous ones taken away. They both must be happy tying and winning this game . Go Devils nice win. How about Kinkaid ? Way to stop the pucks.
  16. Congrats to Cammalleri for getting the hat trick and hopefully coming out if his funk.
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