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  1. You make a good point. Gionta was better.
  2. Every game he give us something negative to talk about him. He lost us the game last night. You rang?
  3. Cost us the game last night in the OT period.
  4. I guess Cammalleri was out of gas that's why he wasn't in the play that won for Florida in OT.
  5. For you Wah Wah Wah Boucher fans he will not replace Fiddler and will be lucky to stay with the big team. He and Gionta have a lot in common neither belongs in the NHL.
  6. Tonight is the test for Cammy playing off wing. By Monday the team will consider if Cammy should be traded based on performance. We know he will get hurt so he must produce during his healthy time but that hasn't happened. I hope he has success but if not I am the first to say get rid of him. He was over paid based on his performance with so many injury days.
  7. I posted this thread about Cammalleri not Fiddlers. If requested I will post a thread about Fiddlers. Please ask.
  8. As reported by Andrew Gross F&I yesterday: Haven't reported anything new because there really is nothing new. Patrik is around the rink, skating on own, testing his knee, trying to strengthen it. Have seen him in the dressing room a few times, he's been shy, for the most part, about talking to the media until he has something to report. Tried talking to him a couple of weeks ago and he said, very nicely, no comment. Don't believe Elias or the Devils thought Elias would be able to give the organization some kind of feeling about whether he'll be able to play or not until this month. Then it's up to the organization to decide whether they want to make a spot for him or not. My opinion is that, if he can play, the Devils can use him in a bottom six role. When news starts flowing from this faucet, I will definitely report it.
  9. Seems like some of us have two issues one with Cammy and another with Boucher. IMO Cammy needs to wake up and Boucher can't skate. For me I would rather have Cammy wake up than Boucher learn to skate. Time will tell. Hynes is trying to work on a line that Cammy will produce on before he is injured..
  10. It Seems Like The coaches don't agree with you.
  11. Thank you Cory Schneider. Good win 60 minutes were played by the Devils
  12. Cammy has breakaway and can't even get a shot on goal
  13. I am sorry folks but Cammy played like sh!t again last night. I want to keep this alive because it's talking about someone taking a ride.
  14. Speer broke his wrist in his first game with new team
  15. Go Devils The game is 60 minutes long without OT and Shoot Out.
  16. I agree with you selection.
  17. Wow I am surprised. Zajac has played in 6 games has 3 goals and 2 assists.with 13 SOG. Henrique is struggling but not as bad as Cammy 2 goals 9 SOG. Palmieri is improving with 2 goals and 1 assist 13 SOG. They don't look lost like Cammy. Agree let's wait and see but not 3 weeks how about 3 games or does he get a free ride at $5 M with all that rest
  18. BostonNala370


    I think he has earned (bad word) a separate thread regarding his performance to date after 6 games . He has had lots of rest. He has had lots of time to rehab. He looks lost at times on the ice. He gets knocked off the puck 90% of the time. His passes are a miss most of the time. He is less effective than most of the younger players. 6 games 2 assists he has 15 shots (second to Hall) on goal and nothing to show for it. He is playing on 3rd line making $5M. What gets him started?
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