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  1. C'mon hat trick for Hall with 3 assists for Zacha
  2. Boucher cut with his stick Congrats Cory hang tight boy do we need him
  3. Hall deserved that goal he is so good almost too good for this team.
  4. Thank you Cory for keeping us in this game
  5. We never have anyone in front of the net for a dirty goal
  6. Painful they can't pass the puck about 5 guys putting force the efforts so far.
  7. It's only 4 games in with 3 on the road and against some top teams. Cammy doesn't look good but he hasn't played in the past 8 months. Sometimes Hall is all alone because if his speed and he looks lost. Anyone blaming JJ for the outcome so far needs to reconsider. Three players that look good in my opinion they are Zajac, Palmieri and Auvitu. So the team needs more work. Let's give it time. Out of 4 games I feel only one did the team play a full 60 minutes as they should and that was the home game.
  8. I knew before the season started that he attended team meetings and had a locker with his name on it but I wonder if after the season started could that be the same?
  9. I liked Hall's comments he said the first goal was great for him but also for the team and for the Devil's PP. He commented about Severson being a good defenseman and that he will only get better. Hall truly is a team guy.
  10. The Devils played strong in the first period. Not so much after that
  11. Thanks I thought I would be left out in the cold
  12. Monmouth NJ Cablevision Optimum They are not showing the game tonight in their guide. Does anyone know if MSG is showing the game tonight and what channel on Optimum? Hate to miss it. Thanks
  13. This will be amother tough game because the Lightning are a much better team. Devils just play 60 minute Go Devils
  14. Happy with 1 against top team. Tough opening schedule for Devils.
  15. Go Devils Very exciting night, just play a full 60 minutes.
  16. Isn't Blackwood the backup they truly want? Although I liked Wedgewood last season I don't think it mattered. Maybe they hope other teams realize he only had one year and won't take him.
  17. That's what I was wondering what is his sickness and will it effect others on the team and for how long. No reports on what is the illness
  18. http://fireandice.northjersey.com/fire-ice-1.174987/henrique-s-illness-leads-to-line-changes-at-morning-skate-1.1674050
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