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  1. MadDog2020 his name is McLeod, no big deal. This is a good signing he has a possible big future with the Devils
  2. Thanks Satans Hockey and sundstrom for your observations.
  3. You beat me to it MadDog2020, I couldn't be happier for him a new start and life. .Best wishes Scott
  4. Under the definite offense I wouldn't put Boucher there I think Zacha has a much better chance.
  5. I thought they were sending a good message to their fans "they will the prove the slogans correct" they recognize they have fell short.
  6. Lines: Taylor Hall-Adam Henrique-Beau Bennett Reid Boucher-Travis Zajac-Kyle Palmeri Mike Cammalleri-Pavel Zacha-Blake Speers Joseph Blandisi-Jacob Josefson-Devante Smith-Pelly D-pairs: Andy Greene-Ben Lovejoy John Moore-Kyle Quincey/Brandon Gormley Yohann Auvitu-Jon Merrill Goalies: Cory Schneider, Anders Lindback As usual, Go Devils Make us proud
  7. I know it is a pre season game but beating the Rags anytime is good. Go Devils
  8. Posted by Andrew Gross with F & I "Also, by the way, seen at the rink(s) today: 1. Patrik Elias skating on his own at the practice rink (in a Devils' practice jersey) as he continues to rehab his knee. He also, it should be noted, still has a stall with his nameplate in the main dressing room. However, it should be noted, he's still an unrestricted free agent who must decide whether he wants to continue his career, or whether he physically can, before the Devils decide whether they want their all-time leading scorer, now 40, back."
  9. http://www.pcgamesn.com/overwatch/team-dignitas-buyout-76ers Owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and Premier League football side Crystal Palace have bought a majority stake in eSports organisations Team Dignitas and Apex for an undisclosed sum today.
  10. I don't like having two injury prone guys on same line Cammy and Bennett because it will effect chemistry with Zajac.
  11. Real glad to see the season starting. Go Devils
  12. BostonNala370


    Was thinking the same re Zacha
  13. I think you are very conservative thinking 15-20 games, Cammy can do that by himself and more
  14. Great line "Torts is the Donald Trump of hockey"
  15. 2 days when Cammalleri is hurt, I know you are kidding but the reality Cammy is so prone to injuries we might have been better to have traded him if any team would take him @$5M. Maybe the Devils should eat some of his salary for trade.
  16. Patty had been skating in his home country of CR , now back in the USA he is rehabbing at the Pru Center. Shero says no decision as of yet and no rush
  17. 2nd practice with Canada and Schneider has a bad night 5-2 with Cory allowing 4
  18. I hope this is OK to have a World Hockey games thread, if not please delete. Last night's practice game against the Canadian team was awesome for the USA team. Canada is the favorite and I know this was only practice but the rivalry is there.Quick kept the team in the game especially early on in te first period. I thought Palmieri looked good on the ice he was involved in the first score.
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