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  1. Elias is liked by te NJ Devils ownership, Shero and Hynes plus the fans. Do you think he could be hired as a coach ?
  2. Elias was at US Open tonight cheering for his country woman to beat S Williams.
  3. Here it is September and to the best of my knowledge there hasn't been any news regarding Elias for this coming season. I personally hope he is capable of coming back to the Devils for one more years so he can have a big sendoff. Lets list any news on this subject here. Thanks
  4. Regardless of his bad decision he now has the money and is retired, so how bad was that decision?
  5. I agree we needs to have scorers that can finish and score and the defense needs to move the puck up for the offense, but we can't depend on Cory to stop everything we need a defense that can step up. Larsson was a guy that could step up sp who takes his place. Last season the. defense didn't help Cory as they should have we need more maturity. I am concerned about Merrill being a top 6. I am proud of this team and the steps they have taken since Shero took over. Lou destroyed this team because he was afraid to fail.
  6. The Devils standing is all about team and player health. Cammy hurt us last season and if he gets hurt again will do the same this season. If they stay healthy they will make the playoffs. On defense they will have to cover Larsson's game, can they?
  7. Scott Gomez retires after 16 years in the NHL and 17 years as a pro. Best wishes Scott
  8. Congrats to him. Wish him success.
  9. These pads are awesome USA USA USA who pays for thsee pads?
  10. I am done with Vesey! I don't wish him any bad will because of his decision to go to the Rangers. I think it is time for Devils fans to move on, that's all. We have a great GM and coaches along with a building team that if all goes without injuries should make the playoffs.
  11. DirecTV is a funny deal. .I had DirecTV for 19 years with Standard Definition.(SD) with a dish on roof 2 feet from the bottom of the roof. Then last season I decide it was time to upgrade to HD (High Definition) that require a different dish. DirecTV refused to install a HD dish on my roof because it had to be put higher on the roof. Can you imagine? My neighbor shad HD DirecTV install on the top of their roof two years ago and one year ago but DirecTV says their is now an OSHA issue. Of course this happen after ATT bought DirecTV..So be careful changing packages. I had to go to Optimum that doesn't have the football package but has all the Devils games. Happy about that but must go to a sports bar to watch my football team NE Pats, I am in NJ.
  12. I enjoyed reading this post, thanks BTW your assessment is correct IMO.
  13. I think there is a better chance that many years from now that won't be the question "where we're you when the Vesey decision came down". JFK was the POTUS. Verey is what 19 year old kid.
  14. Exactly, there are always surprises. Wait for the fat lady to sing.
  15. We do need RWs but maybe we get some from the youth we have. I haven't checked the young players positions. Staying young is the key and we aren't wining the Cup this season we are building to make the playioffs.
  16. It's amazing that a player that hasn't played a game in the NHL has brought so much excitement. I hope he lands here.
  17. If he wanted to be on Boston why go through all the interviews? If he wants Boston only money isn't an issue. New Jersey is close to Boston.
  18. Thanks, stand corrected, your points are well taken
  19. Yeah, I think most of that the last few years was under Lou a as and DeBoer as coach. Shero and Hynes seem to be clearing that type out, like Gionta and TooToo.
  20. You hit the nail. Remember Kovy?
  21. Confusing, some say Devils still in and others say Devils out.
  22. I feel like there is something wrong between the Devils management including the coach and Boucher. It took a long time to sign him. What was he making last season, not sure?Isn't this his 3rd year and he only got $715,000 with a two way contract.? He must prove himself but he should have gotten a NHL only contract if management and coaching was impressed with his play last season. What do you think?
  23. New Jersey is a pansy when it come to getting a good deal for NJ. Superbowl was held in NJ but NY got all the money and the hype. Jets and Giants play in NJ but are called NY. NJ Nets went to Brooklyn and changed the name from NJ Nets to the Brooklyn Nets. Who in NJ owns the this issue the Governor? The cost of street cleanup and policing is an expense that Newark takes on while NY gets the publicity. Not fair.
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