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  1. Thanks, I know that but he would jump to take a head coaching job. Probably not likely. Maybe Oates.
  2. Just keeping fingers crossed, what a terrific get if it happens but not looking good.
  3. Certainly the timing wasn't good but remember when Scott Stevens resigned as assistant coach on September 9th. Maybe Scott and Adam Oates can combine as coaches for the Avs
  4. I thought Larsson was very secure with the Devils but we need offense so these things happen. Good luck to Larsson
  5. I am excited about this draft and look forward to start of. Training camp and the new season. I hope Elias gets one more year if he is fully healthy.
  6. Don't agree he was a bad choice since day 1. Don't agree he was a bad choice since day 1.
  7. Just for the record I don't want him back at any cost to us.
  8. I don't think Cam would be dogging it but it is frustrating when your best player is only able to play 3/4 of a season on a continuous bases. We knew was injury prone when we got him but ten he wasn't our best player then now he is and his loss has hurt us, big-time.
  9. Travis may not be a fan favorite because of his production vs contract but the team would lose more games than win by a large margin if he wasn't playing for the Devils the last few years especially this season.
  10. What a classy job the Devils did for Marty and retiring his number. The same with the statue. Marty was class all the way. Thanks for the memories Marty and the very best to you in the future. All the emotions carried over to the game and the team came through with 2 points. Schneider showed he is the true replacement for Marty.
  11. Very nice tribute to a great goalie and person.
  12. What an exciting game to be at. We played well in the 3rd even with them getting a tie. Devils kept the faith and didn't crumble and won it OT outstanding effort.
  13. Still even but it's been difficult. How do we get a replacement for Deb Placey?
  14. It really bothers me to post this but Elias has been terrible since his return. I like him a lot and had hoped he would bring some scoring when he came back but not there.
  15. Feel the same way. Too much money for so little production.
  16. Congrats Devils for the win. Outstanding come from behind.
  17. Thanks, he looks good. Looking forward to his playing on the big team someday.
  18. Can't win a 60 minute game with only putting out a strong 3rd period 20 minutes. They looked tired.
  19. Not so sure that any team can be fleeced regarding Gelinas. Every team has seen him play. He not even producing offense.
  20. Really enjotting this team. Much better than I expected.
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