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  1. Good thought if they retire his shirt immediately this season.
  2. Sign him before March 1, 2017 for one day. Let him touch the ice for 30 seconds and then have a send off for him. Offer him a coaching job with the big team, let's see what happens. We as fans owe it to him to be positive and go crazy with a send off. Do you agree? Go Elias
  3. Great win before the 5 days off. They Go into the break with a 2 win confidence
  4. He been playing well for the last couple of weeks give him a break.
  5. I would like to watch something else but I know this isn't in the bag yet
  6. Awesome pass by Zajac and Hall knows how to score outstanding
  7. Fiddler gone, good. Why would Nashville take him? OK Devils tonight lets win. Go Devils
  8. I can't remember but I think your daughter is 10. My grandkids are on different Town traveling teams and when they were 10 on traveling teams it was the same Problem you are Speaking about.
  9. The Devils must sign him by March 1 if he is to play this season. He indicated that possibly the heart wasn't there for him to come back. I always like Elias and wish him the best with whatever decision he makes.
  10. Aren't most games about mistakes or not involved with the play. At least you enjoyed the lower section that's great
  11. Well we get to do it again tomorrow.
  12. Well Thought Out reply. Agree leave the 3rd line alone until. ...
  13. If Gelinas is brought back the owners should give the tickets away for free
  14. Two cellar dwellers, maybe an exciting game, do I watch? Yes, Devils addictive for a while. Have cold in a bad mood
  15. Why not bring them to Newark because it would cost the Devils fans in the seats. Clear the schedules and bring the Isles to Newark. Down the road combine both team for one competitive team, maybe!
  16. Deb Placey must go and I care less about Crowe our downfall, thanks Lou. DeBoer was a big influence in Clowe's life he put him on IR. Why do I want to hear this sh!t? Nothing else to talk about the present Devils. What a shame. Thanks Lou
  17. I don't think so, he had a goal and 3 assists in 4 periods In a game with little defense. He set a couple of others up but they missed the goal like the Devils.
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