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  1. I like this idea of keeping him longer an increasing his value. This coming season we need both Cory and Keith to have a good year.
  2. DeBoer was not good for Larsson's development but he improved tremendously under Stevens and Lou. I feel he will do well this season.
  3. That would be great. Loyal player. Matteau maybe but not Josefson
  4. I am surprise the Devils didn't sign him short term he comes cheap especially since he is a RW.
  5. IMO Zubrus was never what Lou expected when he originally signed him however he was loyal and outstanding in the corners. In the locker room he was funny, was an expert making coffee and was the music guru. I wish him the best in the future. Unlike some of you I don't think he will remain in the Devils organization because the Devils organization doesn't want him. This was a good move by Shero, i know some will say why with one year to go, they need space for future players and why keep him to sit on the bench waiting for injuries. We aren't going anywhere this season other than maybe making the 8th spot. It's all about the future with Shero and not Lou. II am on board. Are you? I am not excited about Ruutu and Gionta being with the Devils this coming season but unless we can find better we need 23 players.
  6. it's a new day, be a part of it.
  7. That's exactly how I feel about him. He is worn out but loyal to the T.
  8. Cory will be there same or better. The D will be better. We lost Jagr, Brunner, Bernier, Zidlicky, Havlet, SalvadorSalvador, Harrold and one other offense guy. I think with the new guys coaches and system we will produce as many goals as last season and reduce GA. That sounds better to me.
  9. This sums up this 10 year period http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2532370-assessing-lou-lamoriellos-legacy-with-the-devils-how-bad-was-his-final-decade
  10. Trust me I know what your too was.BTW I agree with you.
  11. We do drift off topic lately but then it is summer. I did get your point and I know the reference you referred to.
  12. I understand exactly what you are saying but I don't think we will be any worse this season than last season
  13. Agree and it's a change we don't need.
  14. Nothing but positive optimism ahead, how can anyone be miserable? We had our share of misery the past 3 years. That's over. We will get better every year going forward.
  15. I wonder what DeBoer thinks? Realistic signing nice job Ray.
  16. I stand corrected, I read it was only in the Record. BTW I read this morning that he said the financial restrictions he made reference to was when the league controlled the finances.
  17. Lou had Vanderbeek melding in his operation, the the league more in because of the financial mess and they melded in Lou's operation and then the new owners watch Lou fail to deliver so they melded in his business. Net result Lou was moved out of the way of progress. Harris was willing to pay Lou for a year and not fire him. Clearly change was coming and not the changes that Lou accepted easily. Shanahan makes him an offer so he leaves. End of story. Ex Devils playes won't end up in Toronto because Lou doesn't have complete control there. It's called the Shanaplan. Shanahan is calling the shots about everything. Lou is there to groom Dubas the AGM. Best wishes to Lou. He put his full page letter in the Record not the Star Ledger obviously cheaper then the word spreads and we debate what he said. Time to move on.
  18. Terrific if this is what Shero wants.
  19. I hope you are correct I really like Elias but he is a temperamental player like he says one day I will play where ever they want me to play and next day says I don't want to play on the fourth line. I think Lou and Elias got along very well and now with Lou gone and the Devils rebuilding like Toronto if Lou would like leadership for Toronto, Elias would go to play for Babcock, Lou and Shanahan in a heart beat. That's the best managed team in the NHL. When you only have a couple of years left why risk playing with Zubrus and Gionta and a young unproven coaching staff. Zachary is not signed. They missed the 7/15 deadline and that will cost the Devils $100,000 they could miss the 8/15 deadline and Zach won't be there this season Elias is smart very smart he might go for a sure thing. Lou will make an offer the Devils can't refuse. The fans in Toronto love Shanahan and his plan but they want to win now unlike NJ who will wait because we were so bad.
  20. I think yesterday changed a lot of things in the head of Elias. He doesn't necessarily like change with Lou gone if Toronto came after him for leadership before the start if the season he would go. Lou might try that move. Shannahan knows Elias and what he brings.After that it depends on this coming season. If he is playing well then at the deadline the Devils would like what he could bring and Patty might like the competition so it would be a rental move. If he wants another year after that he could come back to the Devils . Lots if options for him to consider. As far as linemates for Patty he likes chemistry best moving him around is good for him so it's up to Hynes to get him the linemates he us comfortable with he has his best shot at producing for the Devils.
  21. Exactly, lets move foward, we have lived in the past enough. Lou taking out a full page ad in the Record was his usual class act.
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