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  1. Only 11 others have done this. The last was Mario on January 26, 1997 almost 20 years to the day January 23, 2017 Marleau does it and he is 37.
  2. Was sick yesterday, forgot to record game and didn't watch. Thanks to you guys and girls reading this thread this morning allowed me to follow the action. Thanks. I missed a good win
  3. OK we had many bad calls but we did play Montreal who lead this division. They played a great game and upset the Devils. What did we expect. We would have lost with only good calls.
  4. It's time to bench Cammy or strip him if the A if he is wearing it.
  5. Gionta, as usual no big deal. Played 10+ minutes with all goose eggs. Moving on
  6. I don't know why, can't explain, but I may have to watch! Am I watching for success or failure I am not sure.
  7. Sadly, this is very true, getting uglier and before it is over it will be even worse. It appears that each side is digging in their heels. Loser will probably be Pelosi because the other side has lots of money to fight him. Review the NFL case many died before justice a painful death only to find out the NFL lied cheated and finally gave in and still tried to cheat the players.
  8. 2 points awesome game for the Devils. 7 of 8 points
  9. Wow, what source did you find to explain these two positions 1) cancer in lockerroom and 2) herpes
  10. Can't disagree Actually I was pointing out we have a long way to go to be a playoff team not 2 years but probably 3 or 4 more years based on the players they have today, if they try through the draft. Do you agree?
  11. What a back-check by Zajac. I was watching football but through the DVR I got to see the back-check and winning goal this morning. Our two best players do it again.
  12. My point of this thread is we have a failed rebuild and it will take more than two years to see a change if then. At best we have 4 to 6 offensive keepers, 0 goalie keepers and a couple of defensive keepers for a rebuild. Basically that's unacceptable. Will you wait two or three more years to be a playoff team?
  13. If we want a competitive team we get rid of PAP,.Greene, Merrill, Severson, Schneider and Kinkaid and build from there.
  14. Go Devils Football tonight, due to weather, time change, if lousy game back to Devils.
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